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December is here and Santa is almost on his way. You already know the recipes for Christmas Eve by heart and you have prepared a playlist with all your favorite Christmas songs. You have the most colorful wrapping paper and golden ribbons. What’s missing? You’re missing the courage to face the crowds in the stores and the endless lines of people wanting to buy their last minute gifts. You have visited a countless number of websites to look for different Christmas gift ideas but your DIY project didn’t quite turn out as you wanted. What now?

Take a deep breath! We have 3 amazing Christmas gift ideas for you:

 1. Offer A Portrait To Your Parents

From a Simple Picture To a WOW

Clara Cabrera can create portraits from pictures. All you need to do is sending four pictures of the people you would like to see portrayed and voilà! Your present will surely stand out from the other Christmas gift ideas lying under the tree.

portrait by Clara Cabrera
Unusual portrait idea by Clara Cabrera

Another wonderful artist is Patrícia Furtado. Besides creating very special moments during her live sketching sessions and making her own cookbooks, she creates portraits that everyone would like to take home. Her work already counts with the approval stamp from several moms who participated in the live drawing session from Lancôme.

Christmas gift ideas by Patricia Furtado
Patricia Furtado

2. Musical Christmas Gift Ideas: A Personalized Concert

Finger Style Guitar Concert

Adam Kadabra is a Scottish lap tap acoustic guitarist who plays the guitar a bit differently than the rest. He rests the guitar on his lap and powerfully taps the frets and strings to create a captivating cacophony. This is a concert for both the ears and the eyes which makes it a unique musical experience and one of the best Christmas gift ideas our there.

Warm Soul For The Cold Days

If your siblings’ taste fits more a soul and folk kind of scenario, Celine Love might be just down your alley. She sings self-composed songs in German and English, taking her audience on a melodious and lyrical journey accompanied by her guitar.

3. Give A Workshop To Your Best Friends

Your friends no longer have room on their wrists for more friendship bracelets nor more empty space on the walls to hang pictures with you. Also, you would like to give them something interactive that you could do together. What about a workshop?

A One Way Ticket To The World Of Graffiti

There’s nothing like being that person who gives the most original gift of all. What can be more original than a Graffiti Workshop? We are absolutely sure that all your friends would like to master the art of giving a new life to a wall. If you think this idea could not get any better, let us add that these workshops can be given by great names of the Graffiti scene such as COR, Smile, Nasca Uno or Bustart.


This Christmas is your great chance to make someone feel special with unique Christmas gift ideas. As much as everyone appreciates a voucher for a new book or new perfume, there is nothing like showing that you actually stopped a minute to think about that person.

Are you excited with these Christmas gift ideas? Or maybe you need some more suggestions for that cousin that you don’t see for years? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to share some more ideas with you!