3 Creative Company Summer Party Ideas: How to Treat your Employees with Art

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Artists featured on the cover photo: Die Schlagzeugmafia

You know that a way to motivate and engage your employees is to invite them to participate in a special event and share the company culture in a relaxed environment. As they say: “Work hard, party hard”. Forget about mini-golf, escape room and scavenger hunts. We bring you company summer party ideas that make use of art to bring people together and celebrate your team.

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company summer party ideas with fire fingers
Holiday on Delay

1. Organize a Themed Summer Party

When brainstorming about company summer party ideas, themed parties are always brought to the table. Themes like tropical forest, beach and pool event, or even themes inspired in decades like the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s are very popular. In order to adapt to the chosen theme, you need to take care of the venue: maybe a garden, a swimming pool, roof terrace or even a boat. And of course decoration and artistic entertainment are very important to set the right mood.

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Entertainment is something you should always take into account while listing your company summer party ideas. For that, including artists to help break the ice and entertain your team couldn’t be a better idea. You can hire a fortune teller or a walkact with handmade costumes for your circus themed party. If you’re rather planning a vintage mood, you can consider inviting a Swing marching band or even a team of Swing DJs. 

company summer party ideas - cottas club
Cottas Club

The options are almost endless. All you have to do is to find a creative theme and let the artists take care of the rest.

2. Host an Artistic Team Building Event

By now you’re probably already familiar with the importance of organizing team building events. Not only they are a fun way to make your team members interact with each other, but it’s also a great opportunity for them to expand their minds and show their most creative side. As you can imagine, we could not leave team building events and workshops outside of this list of company summer party ideas.

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You can always adapt your team building activity depending on the space you have and, of course, the size of your team. For example, graffiti workshops are a fantastic activity that can be adapted to both smaller groups and larger teams. Besides, this kind of team building activity is the perfect opportunity to spend the day outdoors and bring color to walls, canvases or other surfaces.

company summer party ideas - b-free
Graffiti workshop in Ibiza with B-Free

If graffiti is not really your thing, there are plenty of alternatives for team building activities with art. In case you’re close to the beach, you can organize a sand sculpture workshop and end the day with cocktails by the ocean. Other options could include a dance workshop or even a street art tour where your team can get o know a city through its art on the streets. 

3. Bring the Party to Your Office

Sometimes you don’t have to leave the office in order to throw an epic party to treat your employees. It’s probably cheaper to stay at your own location and you can save everyone the hassle of having to travel. Your team can simply just stop working, grab a beer and start enjoying some art.

Have you heard about cosmic ping pong? Well, imagine a synthesizer operated by a ping pong table with 2 contact mics (on each side), and every time the ball bounces on the table, it activates the synthesizer and creates unusual sounds. This is definitely a more sophisticated alternative to beer pong and you can bring it to your office.

And of course, we can’t forget about music when listing company summer party ideas for your office. You know that we are fans of office concerts. But did you know that they can also take place in your co-working space?

When it comes to music, are plenty of artistic performances that you can bring to your office in order to make your office summer party memorable. Besides that, can invite a caricaturist to portray your team members, a living statue that everyone can paint, a beatbox show and other musical performances such as live bands or simply a DJ to turn your office into a dance floor.

company summer party ideas - living room concert
Office concert by Georgie Fisher and live painting by Hülpman


The summer is around the corner and you should celebrate it with your team. If you’re in charge of organizing an event and you need some help with your company summer party ideas, get in touch with us. We are inspired by our artists and the warm days that await us.