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Have you picked a specific wedding theme? Or maybe you’re navigating in between various wedding theme ideas? It is in general a great way to give personality to your special day. Additionally, it helps to make decisions regarding every element on your to-do list. Simply ask yourself whether this wedding dress or that giveaway fits your list of wedding theme ideas.

Art can be the special highlight of the day serving as the “cherry on the top” of your wedding theme ideas. I went and hand picked a few very particular artistic services for you. They each fit one of the most popular wedding themes ideas out there right now:

From Circus to Carnival

circus wedding theme
Photo credit: Jagger Photography

A little bird told me that #circus is one of the hottest wedding themes in 2017/18. This theme is all about the bold colors and those characteristic circus visuals. While some couples choose to stay literally within the circus world, others may love the idea to drift into the subjects of #carnival or #vintage, for example. In any case, it is one of the greatest wedding theme ideas to include many forms of art. Here are a few ideas for you:

JAGO & L-ION’S LED hoop performance:


From Boho to Country

boho wedding theme ideas dog
Photo credit: Wearwagrepeat

Another very popular theme is known as #boho, #bohemian, #country or #gypsy with a touch of #diy, #handmade, and #rustic. The idea is to create a happy-go-lucky hippie world where there is only place for love (and stylish items and patterns 😉 ). The path to the altar is paved with oriental carpets, paper lanterns are swaying in the wind, giveaways come in little jam jars and there are flower crowns for everyone. Here are our favorite artists to match this atmosphere:

Listen to Tyler Faraday’s soulful songs:

Keeping it Classic 

wedding theme ideas flowers car
Photo credit: Lauren Balingit

Beware, having a #classic wedding does not mean you have to get married like your grandma did in the old days. Although maybe that’s a fantastic source of inspiration. In any case, many couples aren’t into any gimmicks and/or a big fuss at all. Indeed keeping it #classy and #elegant is quite popular and takes as much consideration as any other theme. Here are a few artists who fit right into your #sophisticated wedding world.

Drummers in suits Die Schlagzeugmafia:

Art For All Wedding Theme Ideas

We know that choosing the right artists for your special day can be quite overwhelming. One thing is using your wedding theme ideas as a base for your selection. To assist you, we also put together 8 Ways to Wow Your Guests and Musical Ideas For The Perfect Wedding. Please get in touch, if you’d like to talk about your ideas and we’ll send you personalized suggestions.