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Team workshops can be a challenging thing to organize. Many times you find yourself looking for an activity that everyone will enjoy and that embodies originality as well as feeling familiar. This familiarity ensures that team members will feel comfortable contributing. The activity also needs to be innovative and interactive to allow participants to unleash their creativity and work together toward a satisfying goal.

Artistic team building workshops provide a unique opportunity for colleagues to get to know each other while letting their inner artists out, engage in more creative thinking and collaborate. Our visual artists offer a wide range of activities, let us introduce you to some of them.

1. « Play Your Work » With Keen On Mars

The first team activity organized by Keen On Mars encourages participants to use creativity as a valuable way of communicating. It is « an interactive tangible visualization of playfulness at work. It is a communication tool that invites people to think about themselves through answering on job related questions using preprepared simple graphic stickers. »

Here is how it works: the participant is guided through different questions. She/he places the stickers in the belonging fields of a blank postcard and creates a personal infographic step by step. The final result is a personalized image that represents the users life at work and gives insights into her/his playful approach to daily work.

Keen On Mars "Play your Work" set
Keen On Mars “Play your Work” set

2. Learn About Stop Motion

But Amrei and Ivana came up with another contemporary and unconventional workshop: their intention is to take the participants into the world of stop motion. By giving participants an overview on the tips and techniques to produce stunning results, participants will become comfortable with this medium of art. The goal of the workshop is to produce a shortstop motion movie by the end of the activity.

Keen On Mars’ workshop can be adapted to team building events, making co-workers collaborate together on the same project and pushing them to unleash their creativity as a group. They can also work together on a topic related to the team in order to further understanding of the company’s mission and vision.

3. « Portrait Your Colleague » With Clara Cabrera

Who knows, maybe the next Picasso is amongst your team members? “Paint a portrait of your colleague” is a fun way to get to know your colleagues and spend quality time together, building a stronger bond through painting. It places the employees of a company in a different environment, liberating the inner artist each one has inside.

Clara’s team building workshops do not only stimulate creativity but also improve the relationship between colleagues as one might learn new things about the other.

Clara Cabrera next to one of her paintings
Clara Cabrera next to one of her paintings

4. Explore Street Art And Graffiti With Ben Wuyts

When Ben Wuyts isn’t busy singing, playing guitar and writing songs, he loves exploring the city of Berlin and sharing his knowledge about street art. Together with his team, he organizes street art tours and graffiti workshops.

The graffiti workshop they offer starts with a tour of Berlin to get inspired before heading into the creative process. This workshop gives attendants the opportunity to get creative, make their own stencils and make their designs come to life under the eye of a skilled artist.

Street Art in Berlin
Street Art in Berlin

5. “Tape What You Think” With Tape That

The crew members of Tape That are regularly organizing team building workshops to teach different techniques and spread their passion about tape art. During these sessions, the artists offer support to the participants for sketching ideas, advise them on their designs and show them the limits and possibilities that adhesive tape brings as an art medium. They also implement their various techniques to help guests with their adhesive tape designs in order to achieve the best results.

This tape art workshop is ideally suited for team building events, as participants can be instructed to work in groups toward the common goal of creating a tape artwork. This process promotes better communication between the team members and facilitates the development of innovative thinking.

Tape That's workshop
Tape That’s workshop

6. Draw Your Story With Frollein Motte

With Frollein Motte, attendants will explore the profound aspects of sketching by learning about live drawing, comics and graphic storytelling. Her workshops give participants the opportunity to draw their own stories and thoughts while embodying a personal style.

It might sound scary for people who think they cannot draw, but according to Frollein Motte, « It’s not about whether you can draw or not, it’s about how you’re telling your story. I will show you how to make the story exciting! ».

Frollein Motte's drawings
Frollein Motte’s drawings

7. Practice Silk Print With Silberfabrik’s Team Building Workshops

With Silberfabrik, your colleagues will most likely experience something completely new. Although it has been used for ages, silk print remains quite unknown to the general public. Having silk print team building workshops is best for curious participants keen on working with different colors and fabrics. One silk print can be done by just one person or together in a small group.

On top of being creative and uncommon, silk print also allows participants to take something very special home. Each participant will walk away with his/her own uniquely designed print to keep as a souvenir or to offer to family and friends.

Silberfabrik's mobile workshop
Silberfabrik’s mobile workshop

Just Remember:

It is easy to get caught up in the formalities and forget that creativity should always be encouraged and valued at work. Art is a powerful tool when it comes to expressing yourself and collaborating as a team. These workshops are an alternatively efficient way to strengthen bonds between colleagues while encouraging inventive thinking and positively surprising your team.

Not sure about what workshop fits your team best or simply looking for more details? Don’t hesitate to contact us for any personalized tip on how to make your team happier and stronger using arts.