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It’s that time of the year when we look back at the past months and reflect on what’s happened – the good moments and those that were not as good. We think about what we’d like to improve and we make a bunch of plans for the New Year. “New Year, New Life”. But aren’t you tired of writing the same resolutions over and over every year? Don’t worry: we have some ideas to spice up those plans of yours.

Paper installation by Keen On Mars
Paper installation by Keen On Mars

1. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

You don’t need to run a marathon to be in your best shape. What if we told you that you can exercise while learning something new and, at the same time, have fun? You can’t believe it? Take a closer look at our suggestions:

Abs And Arms

What’s a better exercise than juggling? Apart from working out those arms and shoulders, juggling can also help you with your coordination, concentration and it can be very stress relieving. The skilled artist JAGO can take you on an adventure through the world of juggling, but not only. He can also introduce you the colorful, energetic and fun art of Poi.
If your focus is more on the abdominal area, what about a Hoop workshop? It’s suitable for all ages and it’s highly entertaining. A Handstand workshop is also an option that will give you abs of steel and very strong arms.

Jago is mastering hula hoop like nobody else
Jago is mastering hula hoop like nobody else

Hot Legs

In case you prefer a total workout and you would like to show off some enviable legs, we suggest you a workshop with Air Candy. She will make you fly high while you learn some impressive aerial acrobatics that require agility and mobility. If your legs can be strong enough to hold you in the air, they can do anything!

 Workshop by Air Candy
For hot legs, aerial dance is definitely the good way to go.

2. Eat Better and Save More

We all want to stop eating fast food and start cooking more. Not only is much cheaper but it’s also healthier, since you know every ingredient that is in your dishes. Did you know that the Portuguese illustrator Patrícia Furtado creates her own cooking books? On Café Patita, one of her cookbooks, you can find some very simple and delicious recipes for your busy week. What do you say to a coconut crepe or a tarte flambée?

Café Patita by Patricia Furtado
Café Patita by Patricia Furtado

3. Learn Something New

You don’t need to spend hundreds of euros in a language school to learn a new dialect or hours on Youtube trying to learn how to knit. There are several options that are more affordable and you can start practicing the results straight away.

Stop Motion

What about starting to learn something completely different and do a stop motion workshop? Keen on Mars are experts on this matter and you will be able to create your own short stop motion video. You will learn unique techniques and tips about this special art and you will have a video that will surprise all of your friends.

Talking about something different, what do you think about discovering the mystical world of the hang, the most recent musical instrument of the XXI century? Your musical level does not matter: Geronyom can take you on a very spiritual and harmonic journey while you discover the delicate and deep sounds of the hang.

4. Decluttering: Saying Goodbye To Unnecessary Items

The beginning of a new year is the ideal moment to declutter your home. It’s time to say goodbye to those decorations that you have for years that attract nothing but dust. Don’t you worry: this doesn’t mean that you need to have empty shelves and white walls. Katharina Konte is an expert on personalizing spaces and she is the perfect artist for you, independently of your surface. She can do her magic both on walls or windows by using different materials than spray paint, such as pens and markers.

Wall design by Katharina Konte
Wall design by Katharina Konte

Get A Personalized Drawing

Another option to bring a personal touch to your place is a personalized chalk board just for you. Whether you’d like a portrait of your pet or detailed ornaments, Hiromi Moriya makes it possible. The designs will be agreed on with you and then applied on a board with oil chalk.

Pets on chalk boards by Hiromi Moriya
Pets on chalk boards by Hiromi Moriya

5. Travel More

Traveling is always the best way of learning. The New Year is almost here and with it, a whole new world of traveling plans and weekend breaks. Do you need a hand with the destinations of your next trips?

Dance Your Way To Lisbon

Imagine walking down in one of the many hills of this beautiful city and all of a sudden, you just feel like dancing. This feeling comes from the contagious rhythms of Gaspar Silva’s percussion. In case you’re passing through this city, don’t miss out the opportunity of being touched by the contagious energy of this artist.

Go To Liverpool And Meet Amee Christian

You booked your flight to Liverpool and you have no idea what to visit apart from all those tribute places to The Beatles. This European Capital of Culture has much more to offer than what it seems. A perfect example of that, are Amee Christian’s projects spread out through every corner and café of the city.

Amee at work in the streets of Liverpool
Amee at work in the streets of Liverpool

Go To Berlin And Meet The Zap Show

Berlin is a fantastic city that never sleeps. On your next break between your visits to some of the historical sites and your next sausage, take a minute to meet The Zap Show. This is not a musical show like any other! It’s a musical show with puppets, tap dance, beatbox, colors and cheer. This explosive mix will make your trip to Berlin unforgettable.

We hope we could inspire you to start the New Year with the right foot and give an artistic touch to your New Year’s Resolutions and your day by day. In case you need more inspiration or you have a big list of resolutions that need an artistic twist, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy New Year!