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3 Awesome Examples of Branded Content Using Arts

In the last year, branded entertainment has been on everyone’s lips when it comes to creative marketing. What is it exactly, and how can you use art to create branded content and create customer engagement?

Jean-Claude Van Damme for Volvo -
Jean-Claude Van Damme for Volvo –

More than being ‘only publishers’ with content marketing, advertisers can now become real entertainers. Wikipedia defines it like this: “Also known as branded content or advertainment, [branded entertainment] is an entertainment-based vehicle that is funded by and complementary to a brand’s marketing strategy.”

The goal here is to grab the audience’s attention, create a positive “emotional” connection and engage them, rather than focusing on the product or the brand itself. Art, as a universal language, can be a good way to entertain your audience and be remembered. Several brands have used art to achieve this goal!

Using Live Sketching to Redefine Beauty: Dove

Dove’s “real beauty” campaign is an example in terms of branded content. By doing this, the brand encourages women to feel better about their appearance and have a better body image. The video highlights the fact that women can be very critical with themselves by showing the difference between two sketches. One of these sketches is based on the description a woman gives of herself; the other one represents the same person described by someone else. For this campaign, Dove asked an artist to make the sketches. Having someone drawing according to the descriptions is the only way to demonstrate the lack of self-confidence.

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A Skilled Comedian to Demonstrate Technologic Precision: Volvo

If you know the eccentric actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, you probably know that he’s mastering the splits. “What is the link with Volvo trucks?” you might ask. Well, the brand has found a very creative way to demonstrate how precise their steering wheels for trucks are. See by yourself.

The brand has then renewed the experience asking a high-liner ballerina to cross the line between two speeding Volvo trucks.

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Graffiti and Wall Art to Modify a Billboard: Converse

In 2013, Converse asked the street art duo Trashcats to spray over a billboard they had placed in Berlin. The result is a funky, colourful and eye-catching picture/piece of art. The whole process was filmed and shared across social media.

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If you want to create customer engagement and leave a mark in your audience’s memory, producing interesting and entertaining content is the good way to go. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a video, it can also be printed, written or live entertainment. Don’t hesitate to contact us for some advice on how you can integrate arts to your branded content strategy.