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Graffiti is awesome. No doubt. In case you haven’t realized it yet, we love it and our clients do as well. When you just don’t feel like spray paint, or circumstances ask for something else, there are a few intriguing alternatives that you might not have on your radar yet. Here are some examples for you.

Mademoiselle Maurice's art
Mademoiselle Maurice’s art

Art With Paper

Why you’ll love it:  original, unexpected, detailed, joyful, doesn’t damage surfaces.

Who does paper art: Mademoiselle Maurice and Keen On Mars

Mademoiselle Maurice – Origami Art

Origami art by Mademoiselle Maurice is the ideal solution if you’re looking for an uncommon type of mural. The artist spends hours folding origamis in diverse colors and hangs them together to shape a stunning piece of art. It’s also perfect if you don’t want to damage any surface: origami art can be removed and won’t leave any mark on the walls.

Mademoiselle Maurice's origami art
Hundreds of colorful origamis are gathered together to create unique patterns

Keen On Mars – Geometric Paper Installations And Objects

Keen On Mars’ installations are like their style: fresh and timeless. They create murals, canvases and sculptures made of paper that will fit any special occasion or space.

Paper Raindeer from Keen On Mars
Paper Raindeer from Keen On Mars
Paper Ice Cream from Keen On Mars
Paper Ice Cream from Keen On Mars

Art With Tape

Why you’ll love it: modern, stylish, versatile, doesn’t damage surfaces

Tape art is still quite recent and for some reason, less popular than ‘regular’ graffiti. It came out in the 80s when street artists decided to look for alternatives to the regular use of spray cans, and became more well-known in the early 2000s. Since then, it hasn’t stopped expanding and has also become very appreciated by anyone willing to personalize their space. Tape art is particularly recommended if you want some versatile decoration that doesn’t only fit on the walls, but also on the floors (it can get stepped on without being damaged), ceilings, windows and any object.

Who does tape art: TAPE OVER, Tape That, Ostap

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Art With Trash (Yes, really!)

Why you’ll love it: surprising, engaged, meaningful, impressive, durable, sustainable

Who does trash art: Bordalo II, Thomas Dambo

Bordalo II – Car Parts, Metal, Plastic

This one is a very special type of mural, particularly recommended if you want to raise awareness, make people rethink their habits, or simply spread a strong message. Chances are high that it engages visitors and gets shared online. Bordalo II is an incredibly imaginative and skilled Portuguese artist creating murals from trash. The results are dazzling and allows us to rethink our negative stigma towards this unusual medium.

Bordalo II's art made of trash
Bordalo II’s art made of trash

Thomas Dambo – Wood, Trash, Objects

Thomas is a Copenhagen-based artist who reuses pieces of wood, trash and diverse objects to transform them into stunning sculptures and installations. By doing so, he gives a new life to these elements and transforms them into some impressive pieces of art.

Most of the times, going for graffiti is a good choice to give your walls a new design. However as we tend to forget it, there are other options out there. Sometimes picking another type of art is the best way to bring something special to your event or place.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for some personalized advice on how to bring art to your venue.