8 Ways to Create Brand Awareness with Art

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Showcasing your logo in a fun way and without being too pushy during events is often a real challenge. The times when businesses were using an in-your-face and obvious way to communicate their brands are definitely behind us. Instead, companies are looking into less aggressive and more entertaining ways to create brand awareness. Let us show you eight ways to showcase your logo in a creative way with art.

How to Display your Logo and Create Brand Awareness?

1. Burn it

Yes, you read it well. Why not have your logo shining brightly in the night sky, along with a stunning fire show? Just imagine: right after your guests arrive, a couple of performers set your logo on fire and start performing in front of the audience’s very eyes. LaLuz can definitely help you with that.

burning logo laluz fire
A “burning logo” performance created by LaLuz

2. Project it

Let’s move on to a technological way to create brand awareness. It is quite easy to achieve a pretty impressive result when using video mapping or even interactive video installations. And for that, trust us: we’ve got the right artists for you. Have a look at Kalma’s work and see for yourselves:

3. Tape it

Tape art is a very relevant option when it comes to creating brand awareness. In addition to being very versatile and offering endless possibilities, tape art is also a non damaging and temporary way to decorate a space. It can be combined with video mapping for an even more dazzling effect.

TAPE OVER create brand awareness opening
TAPE OVER’s work for the opening event of an Adidas shop in Berlin

4. Perform it

Art is sometimes more connected to technology and science than it looks: have you ever heard about pixel pois? The technology behind it is based on the persistence of vision principle. It allows the artist to “paint” images, custom graphics, texts or logos in the air. However, the programming part is only the first step – when performing, the artist needs to move at a speed that allows the images to show properly. This type of art is often used by brands and companies to create brand awareness and display some logos or slogans. JAGO & L-ION have performed that trick last year for the Cisco Live Conference in Berlin.

JAGO L-ION pixel poi
JAGO & L-ION master the art of pixel poi

5. Spray it

Of course, spraying a logo is always an option. Whether you want a realistic picture of your logo, a more unconventional interpretation by the artist or a live painting performance, there are plenty of options to choose from. Just take a look at our portfolio of painters to get inspired.

the caver super bock live spraying
A live spraying by THE CAVER for Super Bock: the perfect way to communicate about your brand with art
vito juliao spraying graffiti
Vito Juliao spraying in his unique style on a wall

6. Paint it with Light

Here comes another technology wonder: light painting consists of moving a source of light while taking a long exposure photograph. This technique is generally quite unknown from the general public and can create the perfect surprise effect for your guests. Have a look at Lichtfaktor’s crazy work:

7. Draw it

There are plenty of ways an artist can create art and within it, integrate your brand in a fun, interactive way. One of the many examples we have in mind is talented Munich-based artist GABE, who applies some custom-made designs on tote bags for the visitors of an American Vintage shop. By doing so, he created his own interpretation of the spirit of the brand and gave the guests something unique to take home.


8. “Plant” it

Now you’re probably thinking that this doesn’t make any sense. Well, in a way it’s not really planting, but it does involve grass and we’re completely in love with the result: Berlin-based artist Senor Schnu is the exceptional “moss graffiti artist” you’ve been waiting for. He creates logos, motives and lettering out of real moss. And gives life to your brand… Literally.

moss graffiti senor schnu create brand awareness
Moss graffiti by Senor Schnu: the perfect way to create brand awareness

In the end there are plenty of creative ways to integrate your brand or logo in an event with the help of exceptional artists. No matter what the limitations and technical aspects are, we’re ready to accept the challenge and match you with the perfect creative minds from our portfolio.