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Our guest post for Wedmint:

Emotions create memories. Art can be seen, heard, touched and felt. It can be photographed, and taken home, shared and remembered. Art touches the soul and speaks an universal language known to all of us which makes it such an important element on your special day.

If you asked around which event stuck in people’s heads they often reply that there was a fantastic mood they remember. How to create and maintain good vibes at your wedding then?

The first step is to identify those moments on your wedding day in which it is vital to entertain your guests. Between the arrival of your loved ones to the moment they leave and take a gift home with them, there are many gaps to fill and situations in which you cannot attend to everyone yourself. At the same time, art can be a tool to highlight a moment which is particularly important to you: the ceremony, the first dance, or the take-away gift for your guests.

Here are 7 ideas how to incorporate art, and therewith triggers of good vibes and a memorable mood at your wedding:

1. Decoration with XL Origami

Dip your venue into colors! Our artists can use any type of material to decorate walls, floors, ceilings, and even tables. A truly inspirational kind of decoration was invented by Paris-based artist Mademoiselle Maurice who assembles XL paper installations out of thousands of small origami pieces. Formations, colors and shapes are adaptable and can be merged with your wedding theme.

Origami by Mademoiselle Maurice
Mademoiselle Maurice


2. Surprising Guest Receptions

It can take a while until all your guests arrive at your location. You have probably taken care of someone serving them an aperitif, but why not let the fun start already now? Have a look at one of our most unique and memorable reception ideas: the Chocolate Couple! Stiff or moving, set on a specific spot or as a walking act: the Chocolate Couple can blend into your reception in the most entertaining way. Our wedding couples have found it a great subject to take photos with, and others have even had them serve Ginginha in traditional chocolate shot glasses.

Quidea - chocolate statues


3. Acoustic Music During Your Ceremony

Churches have wonderful resonances. Make use of it and invite talented artists playing acoustic string instruments and singers with beautiful voices to accompany your ceremony. The bride’s entrance is the most special moment – why not play a song that is important to you during this ritual? Our artists will be happy to consult a playlist with you.

Jazz Tease
Jazz Tease


4. A Live Graffiti Show

This is truly something out of the box. Having a live painting show at your wedding can have two fantastic outcomes: your guests can follow an ongoing process and look over the artist’s shoulder while he takes a painting from start to end. In addition to that, you get to take a unique art work home with you and can hang it up at your place to always remember your special day.

Wall painting by Amee Christian
Amee Christian


5. Live Sketching

Similar to a live graffiti show, live sketching has two outputs. The live sketching process, which can be done either on paper or digitally on a tablet can be followed by your guests. In the case of digital live sketching, you can even project what’s happening on the artist’s tablet onto a larger screen. The results, sketches of your loved ones and scenes from the wedding, are very individual and personal give-aways for your friends and family – whether printed out or in digital format.

Sketch by José Carvalho
Sketch by José Carvalho


6. A Fire Show After Sunset

There is a magical moment when the sun goes down. After the sun has set and the moon is up, celebrate the beginning of the night with a mesmerizing fire show. A duo show representing the newly-weds is particularly beautiful. If you cannot move the party outside, an equally marvelous moment can be created by an indoor LED show. All you need to have is some space and dim lights.

Fire show by JAGO


7. Funky Music Bands to Dance the Night Away

A perfect wedding ends with a merry party. There is nothing like real instruments and an amazing live voice. Our funk bands throw amazing parties and adjust their concert to your preferences as well as to the current mood during the party. Don’t miss the chance to perfectly round up your wedding day with a live music band.

Os Compotas
Os Compotas


Need help choosing an artist? Book a Street Artist is specialized in finding undiscovered talents and matching you with the ideal artist for your special day. Browse our portfolio and contact us at any time here or via email: [email protected]

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Happy Weddings!