Dinner Entertainment Ideas to Steal from The Most Secret Dinner in Berlin

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The Golden Dinner is probably one of the most wanted dinner experiences in Berlin, hosted by PR and event agency Muxmäuschenwild. They are located in Berlin and famous for their unusual dinner entertainment ideas. Famous because of the secret locations that are only revealed to selected guests on the day of the event. But also because of their spectacular art and exquisite concepts for each of the dinner nights.

This year we were partnering with the Golden Dinner and curated artists to turn the dinner into an artistic wonderland. The Golden Dinner aims to create a unique “at home” atmosphere with only 50 to 70 guests invited each evening, enjoying a delicious and exclusive three course meal.

Dinner guests having a first drink in the transformed entry hall

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Urban Art in an Enchanted Warehouse

This winter, the location of choice for the Golden Dinner was a former shopping center. Different artists from the urban scene in Berlin were invited to get creative in the vast space available. The artists turned the place into a beautiful and stunning gallery within a week. Visitors were able to enjoy paintings from Falk Land and Nasca1 on display, and to admire huge mural “Shipibo” by Nasca1.

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Dinner Entertainment Ideas to Light up The Night

Carolina Amaya created the installation “Abandoned symphony” using light, color and tape. The Krank crafted a man sized walk-in installation on walls of windows of the former shopping center combining painting with light art. The objects allowed the guests of the Dinner Party to enjoy an inspirational walk through the installations.

Guillermo S. Quintana and Amanda showcased art objects and paintings, and a huge tape art window artwork. The scenery created was of inviting intrigue. It allowed a dinner reception for the guests in the most interesting setting we can imagine – surrounded by art work.

Let the Artist Break Free

The invited artists were completely free in their creations. Senor Schnu created an incredible installation called “CACATUM NON EST PICTUM”, showing the world the real story of Christmas. See for yourself.

We think this is the secret. Select artists that fit your evening, and then fully trust them in creating something wonderful for your dinner entertainment ideas.

Don’t Stop There

Dinner entertainment ideas are not only about the look and feel, but also about performances. At the Golden Dinner, two musicians were invited each night to make the guests feel at home and set the vibe. Mandakini and Kate Stone welcomed the guests each evening with handpan music in the corridor leading up to the dining room. In between courses, before dessert was served, singer songwriters from Berlin were invited to entertain the guests. Each night a different artist presented beautiful lyrics and tunes.

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David Hirst and Jesus Herrera were playing fingerstyle guitar music while Miss Stereochemistry, Geraint John Jones, Alice Hills and Ben Wuyts presented their handcrafted singer songwriter art.

A dinner reception can become something absolutely unforgettable when you have the right artists attending. If you want to craft your own unique experience with special dinner entertainment ideas, let us help you with that.