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Let’s be honest: every year it’s the same pain. You want to organize an outstanding work Christmas party that your employees and colleagues will enjoy. What sounds like a simple task can turn into a difficult and stressful endeavour if you want to add that special twist to it. Even if your location is amazing and the food impressive, there might be something missing to get the work Christmas party started. Feel the pressure yet?  At Book a Street Artist, we think that adding art to the evening can do the trick! Here are 3 ideas we recommend to add that certain special something to your work Christmas party.

Christmas Party

Christmas Party Music? Yes, But Fun And Interactive!

Forget about the CD player. Live music is real music and your guests will feel it. Having exceptional music is a big plus, but especially at work Christmas parties, it is fun to have artists playing not only « for » the audience, but also with it! Have a look at some examples.

The ZAP Show


Brothers Moving

Surprise Your Guests With Something Non-Traditional

You probably won’t stand out by playing “Last Christmas” again this year. How do you feel about getting away from traditional Christmas stuff and instead bringing an unexpected performance and cultural diversity to the event? An exotic show catches the attention, broadens the horizon, and will definitely be remembered by everyone.

Work Christmas Party - chillie
Chillie – Bellydancer


Latino Devilstick Show By Marcos Furtnero

Spice up your Work Christmas Party with a Magical Moment

Here is an idea in case you have enough space for it: aerial art is as magical as this special time before Christmas. Visually, it is absolutely beautiful and while some people may have seen an aerial show on TV before, a live performance is so much more emotional!


The options for magical moments are truly uncountable – but we’re here to help and match you with the perfect one for you and your work Christmas party. Here are some more ideas of original performances to help you find that special twist for your colleagues.

Escape show by Paul Tolhurst

« Wunderdrink » by Mantega

LED & Fire Show by JAGO & L-ION

JAGO & L-ION - work Christmas Party
LED & Fire Show by JAGO

In the end, organizing an outstanding work Christmas party isn’t as tough as you thought, right? One golden rule to follow: show something interactive, fun and unexpected to your colleagues. If you want some personalized advice on how to bring some magic to your event, don’t hesitate to contact us!