Getting Married in Portugal: Your Musical Guide

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Portugal is definitely shaping up to be a popular destination for weddings in 2018. Maybe because of the sun, the beautiful scenic beaches or the delicious food. But did you know that Portugal is also home to a lot of amazing bands, wedding DJs and outstanding musicians? When getting married in Portugal, your special day could definitely benefit from some of these musical talents.

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Getting Married in Portugal: Your Musical Guide in Porto

We would like to start this guide in the North of the country, around the city of Porto. Regardless of whether you’ve decided to get married in the romantic city center or closer to the mountains, we would like to introduce you to a few incredible musicians who can take your wedding to the next level.

Regardless of if he’s playing in the most iconic streets and bars in Porto or at a wedding reception, Ricardo Januário can melt everyone’s heart with his voice and the deep swaying sounds of his urban cello.

If your plans include a church for the wedding ceremony, you might be looking for a string quartet or a solo violin player. ADLIB are the very skilled musicians who can make the bridal entrance even more magical, or make your exchange of vows even more perfect.

If you’re getting married in Portugal and specifically around Porto, you should remember that the party cannot start before Funk You Brass Band’s arrival.  Why? They bring the Funk, the Jazz, all the happy beats and good energy that your wedding needs.

getting married in portugal with funk you brass band
Funk You Brass Band

Getting Married in Portugal: Your Musical Guide in Lisbon

Portugal’s capital city is a trend right now, and you don’t want to miss out on getting to know the best artists in town. The city is vibrant, blessed with sunshine and artistic vibes at every corner.

We can’t get enough of him and we are sure you won’t either: Tyler Faraday has played in different cities all over the world and he is now settled in Lisbon. He always brings something very personal to his music. His setlist is very adaptable to your wishes and always filled with soulful feeling.

getting married in portugal with tyler faraday
Tyler Faraday and his soulful performance

Check Tyler Faraday’s advice to young musicians here

You don’t need to move all of your guests to another venue to get the local bar vibes. Bring The Town Bar to you. Yes, The Town Bar is a highly entertaining band who brings along good music and funny background stories to put a smile on everyone’s face. Don’t miss out on dancing and singing along with these Portuguese Cowboys.

And of course, Cottas Club could not slip from our memory. Almost in a stand-up comedy style, they bring enthusiasm and fun to their performance. They are known for their constant good mood, their matching outfits and their dynamic and happy music.

Getting Married in Portugal: Your Musical Guide in Algarve

If you want to get married in Portugal, Algarve must be considered as a destination. The scenery could not be more romantic with its golden beaches and clear seas. Algarve is also a honeymoon heaven and of course, it’s a region filled with artistic talent.

tv show band - getting married in portugal
The TV Show Band, Your Wedding Band

The TV Show Band are way more than a cover band. They are the most skilful wedding band, making sure every part of the day is filled with music. They can cover the ceremony, the cocktail reception and even turn into DJs to take you on a journey through your all-time favorite hits. Ready to party?

Another sublime choice you can make if Algarve is your wedding destination, is inviting the Let’s Go Out Band to perform for the occasion. They can play unplugged or even open the way to the dance floor with the first dance.

We could go on and on with this list of amazing musicians in Portugal. From North to South, the country breathes music and good vibes. And as you can see, the options are very varied and almost endless. Our team could not be happier to work with such brilliant musicians. Getting married in Portugal should not be the only reason for you to discover accomplished musicians. Any day is a good day to discover new art.

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