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We had a very interesting booking last week, flying COR over to Mallorca to beautify a garage. This is not an unusual request per se, but the specific location – the Garage – and the motives, got us thinking. We should write an interior style guide for men. We collected a variety of artists with a very diverse impressive work and thought about, what fits best with you. Are you the yuppie just jumping into a working-lifestyle, or the guy who plants his own avocados? We thought of all of you – but take a look for yourself.

The Villa that Says La Dolce Vita

Grand terrace and a view to the ocean. Salt in the air and sunshine, you arrived in Mallorca, in Spain. This is the beautiful mansion that COR, a Frankfurt based Graffiti magician, took over for ten days to give it a freshly renovated makeover.

Car racing, elegance and luxury are the topics you can now find on the walls of this garage in the south. Having painted the garage, COR was asked to continue his wonderful work in the bathroom of the estate. The result is beautiful and we are reminded of ancient roman bathing settings, with fresco-like paintings covering the marble walls.

Gold fish drawings bathroom
Gold fish drawings in the bathroom

The Urban Non-Conformist

You live in Berlin or Budapest and you like to eat your breakfast at 3 in the afternoon? Your interior is simple and shows that your nihilistic clothing style does not need repetition on your walls. 

You create some art in your free time, read poems and make drawings. At first, it was to impress the ladies, but it has somehow grown into a habit you started appreciating when weekends of endless partying gotten the best of you. We found another wonderful design by COR, who created this wall that could work with your style. And also WESR with his playful drawings and murals. He combines Japanese Manga culture with iconographic elements. At the moment you can visit his solo exhibition in Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin, starting this weekend.

Black and white painting Wesr
Black and white painting by Wesr

The Fitness Freak

Is your whole day essentially defined by what time you get to the gym, what time you get your first shake and what time you meet the gang for a round of running?

Mural of a fist in black and white by Drawing Jesus
Strong sign language in Drawing Jesus’ Murals

Your clothing is, first of all, comfortable and you go nowhere without your running shoes. Sooner or later, your apartment has naturally been turned into a half-gym, with bar bells in the corner and too many towels in the bathroom. You know what? We say, embrace it! Look at Drawing Jesus’ work, who did these classic black and white murals focusing on the beauty of the human body.

mural human body drawing jesus
Mural of the human body by Drawing Jesus

You think real men don’t decorate? That seems very last century.

The Queer Support Team

Your rainbow flag can be seen from afar. You care about equal rights for the LGBTQI community. Your flashy taste is shown in your retro dance parties that always come with a costume theme. Your favorite food is a soy latte and rainbow cake, and your interior decor has to be political or just really beautiful.

Painting on Canvas by Quintessenz
Painting on Canvas by Quintessenz

We say, look at Quintessenz light and abstract prints and wall paintings that will make you feel like walking on air. Breath in the French Mademoiselle Maurice’s rainbow origami art, which she uses to share her feelings about love and peace all over grey cities. We recently matched her with the BIKINI Berlin where she created an incredible Origami Installation – you can still visit it!

The Nature Lover

You grow plants in your balcony. This will never stop, regardless how small it is or how often the neighbors complain about the ivy crawling into their kitchen windows. You wear natural materials only. Maybe you are vegan or take part in community gardening. Or you don’t care. You have pets, you cook your own food. Your apartment has a distinct flair of loving nature, and coziness.


Colorful creature by WESR

WESRs style that is inspired by iconography and mangas could be the perfect choice for you to add a feeling of warmth to your white walls. Have a look at Tamara Alves‘ art. She loves working with nature inspired motives with many of her artwork featuring animals. Her bright colors lift the mood and can turn your place into a little palace.

mural tamara alves
Mural by Tamara Alves

The One that Never Grows Up

You sleep best in your sleeping bag that reminds you of camping out in the wild and you spend your free time in any vehicle that gives you an adrenaline kick – surfboards, skateboards, bikes.

Drawings by Le Funky

Your spartan kitchen contains little more than cornflakes and beer but that is okay, because your living room is the center of the action. The place is a little dusty but you have pride on being a guy with the right priorities. Friends are welcome to come and hang out at all times, and they do. All the time.

😁✌️ #raveon

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These artists are for you: Le Funky, who designs skateboards and caps – and creates beautiful murals. You can dive into his artwork for hours and do little else then understand every tiny detail of his cartoon like creations. HRVB is a Berlin based graffiti artist and his mind seems to produce the most fascinating little creatures. Paint your wall or hang up a poster in your wall – his work is like breathing freedom and a laid back lifestyle.

artwork hrvb
Artwork by HRVB

The Modern Yuppie

You work and you earn enough money to buy a car, but stick with your bike just because. Your friends and the environment are enough for you. You are mostly a vegetarian if it’s not BBQ season and you enjoy your post-university lifestyle a lot. You spend the weekends traveling through European capitals.

painting COR
Photo realistic painting by COR

When it comes to interior design, you try to step away from your former IKEA frames and from scotch taped posters. Have another look at CORs work. His multicolored photo realistic paintings are classic enough to fit fancy furniture, and represent a style that you can trust to like – even in ten years from now. Modern and elegant, this one is for you.

Since your life got this sophisticated and you stopped the habit of defrosting pizza, you started inviting friends for dinner. Okay, at least for drinks before dinner. Your kitchen is important and we think, this could be the perfect spot to set an accent. Drawing Jesus is a Portuguese graffiti artist who made a restaurant very happy with this wall design. Could you picture this in your home?

mural tamara alves
Dining Room mural by Tamara Alves

This said, the most important thing for you right now is to pick a clean style that you can identify yourself with. Maybe it is something more surreal like Tamara Alves’ bird-like creature, or maybe it is something more simple.

Your home is important and the place you come to relax and prepare for the next day. Your home should be your favorite place in the world and if you want us to help you with this, please get in touch and we will tell you who fits exactly with what you need.