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October is finally here and we are sure that you already have fabulous ideas for your Halloween costume. Of course you should look amazingly scary but we are here to remind you about the decoration and give you a few Halloween party ideas to impress all of your guests. Keep on reading and prepare yourself to discover spooky ideas with an artistic twist.

Invite Very Special Guests

Let’s start this list of Halloween party ideas by mentioning very special guests that you can invite. Rita Miguel is an artist that can bring the most mysterious characters to your event. From spectacular fire shows to the most incredibly realistic and scary characters, she is always up for the challenge. She can create a character that matches the theme of the occasion and will for sure exceed your highest expectations. Your spookiness thermometer will be boiling if you hire Rita Miguel for your Halloween party.

In case you’re looking for very interactive characters who can mingle and surprise your guests in every corner, you should invite JAGO & L-ION.  All of their costumes are handmade and can be tailored specially for your party. They can be bizarre or just very eccentric in order to get everyone’s attention. Their stilts performance is definitely an eye catcher and a great addition for your Halloween party ideas list.

Stilts as Halloween Party Ideas
JAGO & L-ION performing in the North Pole


Undress to Impress

Maybe it’s not the warmest month of the year, but when your body is a canvas for an artist like Cris Neves, you won’t mind the fresh air. And yes, you can invite an artist and be still be center of all the attentions, since you will be transformed into an artwork. Body painting is a great alternative to an expensive costume and a great addition to your list of creative Halloween party ideas.

Body painting as part of th elist of halloween party ideas
Body Painting Artwork by Cris Neves


You’re still not totally convinced about body painting? Take a look at this marketing action using body paint that will blow your mind away!

Halloween Party Ideas: Creative Decoration

We could not leave the topic of Halloween decoration behind. You can bring the candles and pumpkins out but you know that we’re all about the Arts. We could not resist bring you some decoration ideas that combine Halloween and Art.

We are aware that this is a very seasonal occasion, so you probably don’t want to spray your paint your walls with a Halloween theme. However there are plenty of Halloween decoration ideas that can be easily removed after your epic party.

Theme Decorations as Haloween Party ideas
Anya Rustic’s Tailored Decorations

Anya Rustic is an artist who can create the most vibrant decorations. They are designed just for you and your occasion and they are suitable to any wall decor or window dressing. And don’t worry, after the party you can move them around.

Another great addition to the venue could be a living statue. We know this is not a traditional decoration element but it is a combination of decoration and performance. Wow, right? Met.amor.phosis can easily what you were missing in your Halloween party.


We hope we could inspire you and give a few Halloween party ideas. Our artists would be more than happy to help you throw the best Halloween party. Regardless of the theme or the space you have, it’s always possible to incorporate Art in an event. Another great example is the Cisco Live Conference where a few of our artists used this event as their stage. Find out more here.

At Book a Street Artist, we are always happy to help you find the perfect artists for any occasion. Get in touch with us and let us share some more creative Halloween party ideas.

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