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A new year has arrived and you probably want to fill it with even more art than you did in 2017. Regardless of if you want to get sweaty and learn some moves, or if you want to enjoy a surprising show, no need to worry. We got your back and we are ready to inspire you. Hire an artist and turn your new year into an artistic one!

hire artists with amazing performances: tridiculous
Solo Act by Tridiculous

Hire an Artist to Help You Get Moving

It’s the first month of the year and you are full of energy. Maybe the gym is not your thing and you might think that it’s still too cold for outdoor sports. We have a colourful idea for you: a hula hoop workshop to get your blood pumping and test your abilities.

hire artists with amazing performances: ka whoops
Hula Hoop with Ka Whoops

And believe us: the hula can be quite challenging. Ka Whoops is a beautiful and graceful performer that can help you get those hips moving. You can read all about the performance she did at our own office right here.

We Take Juggling to the Next Level

You’re already convinced that you should book an artist but you’re unsure about juggling? Don’t think for a moment that this type of art can not be fascinating and highly entertaining. Take a look at Mica Paprika and his delicious performance called “Paprika Gourmet”.

Mica can definitely help you step up your game and add a fun moment to any event or dinner party.

The Perfect Hosts For Your Party

When organizing an event it’s hard to coordinate everything: music, catering, staff, etc. And on top of everything, being the perfect host. Why not hire Quideia and their sweet performance: The Chocolate Couple..? They are perfect to welcome everyone and entertain them while you take care of last-minute decorations.

hire artists with amazing performances quideia
Quideia’s Chcolate Couple

Give Your Brand a Twist (Literally)

If you are in charge of creating an out-of-the-box marketing campaign or you have a friend who is opening a new shop, we would like to introduce you to Taz and his Sign Twisting. That’s right: you can book an artist to juggle, spin and twist a board or sign marked with your logo. There is no better way to get everyone’s attention. If you’re looking into giving more visibility to your brand or company, let us inspire you with a few more ideas.

This Party is on Fire

Well, not literally. But this would be what your guests would be saying about your next great party. You can book an artist to warm things up and create a fire show after sunset. It’s a great way to celebrate an occasion like a wedding, a birthday party or an opening event.

amazing performances: rita miguel

Rita Miguel is a very versatile artist that can create mesmerizing fire shows. The perfect idea for any celebration.

More Than DJs

We couldn’t leave these very particular artists out of this article. Get in the festival mood with the Living Statues DJ’s. They are DJ’s and living statues at the same time and they never cease to impress us. We think they present a unique performance, and so did the Festival Tomorrowland. Take a closer to look at their performance at this festival last year.

Living Statues Djs - hire an artist
Living Statues DJs

A Very Special Pole Act

Pole dancing is an art that requires strength and grace, and Tridiculous take it very seriously. Adding to these skills, these artists include a lot of raw and edgy elements to their show. If you want to hire an artist and your purpose is to surprise and amaze, this crew should be on top of your list.

No Child’s Game

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to an artist who revolutionizes the art of the Diabolo. Diaboloqueen is one of the very few women that masters this art to perfection and combines it with music, dance and very graceful movements.


hire an artist: diaboloqueen
The beautiful Diabolo Queen

We are proud to work with such amazing artists everyday and grateful to match their talent with our clients’ needs every day. If you’re wondering what the next step is to hire an artist or to get hit with a few more ideas, reach out to us. Our team is always more than happy to match you with the best artistic talent.