House Concerts: 3 Reasons Why You Should Host Them

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House concerts (also often referred to as living room concerts or home concerts) have been popping up in cities all around the world. Whether for elegant classical music concerts or intimate indie-folk gigs, more and more people have been hosting those events. If you’re considering organizing one, keep on reading: you’ll understand why you should absolutely go ahead.

Tyler Faraday house concerts
Tyler Faraday often plays house concerts with friends and music lovers

1. House Concerts Are Cozier

Although it might sound quite obvious, it is definitely one of the aspects we love the most about house concerts. Indeed, regular concert venues can hardly compete with the coziness of your living room. It’s time to turn off the lamps, light some candles and prepare some snacks and drinks. Make your guests feel at home – trust us, there’s no better set up than a welcoming living room.

2. The Audience Really Listens

If you think attendees of a regular concert always pay attention to the music, think again. In many cases and especially when the venue is big and busy, guests come in and out or start a conversation with their friends. If you are willing to put a strong focus on music, we highly recommend house concerts. In this kind of set up the audience sits in a smaller room and the musician plays closer to them. This proximity creates a stronger relationship between the artist and the guests, who really get captivated by the music.

As Tyler Faraday explains is, “playing in a living room is something absolutely different. Silence makes the difference. That kind of attention you get is a form of love itself. The way I feel when I see all these friends, trying to catch every little piece of music I am trying to express… That is the best sensation ever!”

“Performing in a silent environment changes the whole thing: you have to make an effort to feel the song. And that attention, that respect for the art, that curiosity is what makes the difference.”
– Tyler Faraday

If you fancy Bossa Nova and Brazilian music in general, consider contacting Raphael Racor. The Lisbon based performer regularly plays his music in relaxed and happy environment.

3. It’s More Than Just a Concert

On top of listening to beautiful music, you also get to know the musician’s stories and impressions. Indeed, artists playing in a relaxed and intimate set up tend to interact more with the audience and make the listeners feel “part of it”.

Tyler says: “Somehow you feel confortable talking a little bit more. I’m sure it is because you get that attention and respect from the public. You feel like sharing your points of view, explaining what the song really means to you or even talking about the real life experience that made you write the song.”

By organizing and attending house concerts, you often get the privilege to hear the artists’ stories, have a chat with them and understand more deeply their creative processes.

Talking about creative processes: if you have a taste for the unknown, there are plenty of options you can explore for your house concert. For example, why not inviting over Anna Morley and Cellolitis for a live electro-acoustic music session combining vibraphone, looping techniques and cello?

Are House Concerts the Next Big Thing?

More and more platforms and organizations are starting to put together some living room concerts around the world. But independent artists have started doing that as well. After being invited to perform in several living rooms, Ben Wuyts got inspired and has set up together his own set of house concerts with his colleague and friend Mike Featherstone. Ben explains: “Living room gigs are generally much more intimate than regular gigs, the audience are all there just to watch you, so it provides a more intense and personal situation.” According to him, house concerts also get people and musicians together, as it “gives an opportunity for people to get involved in the concert process, even if they aren’t musicians”.

Time to Test: Our Very Own House Concert

Of course, we couldn’t really promote the concept of having house concerts without trying it out ourselves first. Therefore we decided to organize a cozy event in our own office. We invited Infidelix and David Hirst, two very different artists to perform on that night, for a small passionate audience.

Thinking of organizing your own living room concert? Get in touch and let us introduce you to the most talented musicians in your area. We would be really happy to introduce you to the right artist for your living room, and guide you through the process.