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Are you looking for an original team-building activity? A music-oriented corporate workshop is perfect if you want to encourage active collaboration between teammates and let them unleash their creativity. Contrary to what you may think, you don’t necessarily need experience in playing music to take part in one of these workshops. Here’s our selection of original musical corporate activities to enjoy with your team!

African drums

Djembe & African Drums

It is scientifically proved that drumming has positive effects on your brain! It induces relaxation, a feeling of well-being and encourages social cohesion. Playing djembe and other African drums together will definitely create a feeling of “belonging to the team” in a really fun atmosphere. Drums workshops can be followed by everyone and is the perfect fit if you’re looking for a lively and entertaining moment with your team.


Geronyom at Burning Mountain Festival -
Geronyom at Burning Mountain Festival –


“Han… what?!”
You might have heard of it already: the Hang is a ‘young’ instrument as it has been created in the 2000s in Switzerland. It is inspired from steel drums widely played in the Caribbean islands and looks a bit like a flying saucer. If you’re looking for an original instrument for your workshop, this is definitely a good fit. Geronyom plays Hang and also teaches it to people with all musical levels. Playing Hang produces a unique hypnotic sound and drum-like rhythms that have a very relaxing effect on the mind.


Junk Drums

As the saying goes, « One man’s junk is another man’s treasure ». Building and playing junk drums requires a lot of creativity: the participants create their own instrument out of cans, boxes, buckets and explore different rhythms and sounds. Junk drums also prove that one doesn’t need an expensive drum set to play good music!

Nuno Marinho
Nuno Marinho

Jazz Manouche Guitar Workshop

Also known as Gypsy Jazz, this genre has been started mainly by Django Reinhardt in the 1930s. Nuno Marinho is a Portuguese artist specialized in this style and giving workshops to enthusiastic teams. Despite what you might think, there’s no first knowledge of guitar or any instrument needed for these activities: everyone can participate and learn! His workshop starts with a theoretical part: an explanation about how the ‘gypsy’ guitar is made as well as the story of European Jazz and its evolution. The practical comes second with some melodic accents and improvisation.


Whether you’re more into drums or into melodic sounds, inviting some musicians for your team building activity or corporate workshop is highly recommended for some fun and creative moments. Playing music helps people to express themselves and build relationships with their peers. What do you think about these ideas? Is there any other we forgot to mention? Let us know!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for some advice on what to organize for a workshop, or if you’d like to have a different activity from the ones mentioned above.