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The date is set and highlighted in everyone’s agendas, your guests were invited and the word is out. Everyone is looking forward to your event. And guess what? Live Painting is the best way to take this occasion to the next level. It can help with breaking the ice, generating conversations, brainstorming and keeping all those creative juices flowing, regardless how big or small the occasion. And the best part is that, in the end, you or your guests can even keep a souvenir and never forget this day. We collected a list of moments that can be enhanced with live painting, be it a business event or just a private party – have a look for yourself.

Your Company’s Conference

That time of the year when your company hosts a conference is coming soon. People from the same industry will be attending this event and apart from wanting to learn something or expand their network, they want to be entertained. They want to be surprised and this is where you play a key role. With tape, spray paint or even markers, our artists can take your conference to the next level. You still don’t see how?

Live Painting by MAIO
Live Painting by MAIO in Portugal

Our artist MAIO took park of the conference Oncology Spring Meeting 2017 in Portugal. During the three days of the conference, the artist painted canvases that illustrated the subjects of the different days. The result was impressive and the process very interesting for all the participants. A visual diary is an excellent idea to enable everyone to keep up with what is happening in the conference room.

Your Best Friend’s Party

The day is almost here and everyone managed to keep this party a surprise so far. You want to make sure the birthday girl or boy will have a blast and you already took care of the venue, the music and the food. What is missing? Something different and eye catching that might go viral instantly. And yes, we’re still talking about live painting. This time with a very special surface: your own skin.


Frollein Motte Live Drawing On Skin
Frollein Motte’s POP-UP TÄTTU STUDJO

As you might have noticed before, we are big fans of artistic twists and a perfect example of that is Frollein Motte‘s POP-UP TÄTTU Studjo. She creates beautiful illustrations that can be easily applied to your skin. And don’t worry, she does not use a needle for this – only eyeliners. We think, this is a perfect way to liven up any party. The magazine EyeEm thinks so too. They have invited her and two illustration artists to join their party and apply her beautiful designs to their guests’ skin. It only took a couple of minutes for people to start taking pictures of their new “tattoos” and post them online. You can find out all about this amazing evening here.

Your Team’s Workshop

Right! You were finally given a decent budget to organize a team event for your crew. Your colleagues and you couldn’t be happier and more excited to be given this opportunity. You don’t want to blow it. You want this day to be in everyone’s memories for life and, at the same time, you want the team to work together and create something unique. And, it’s live painting, but also a workshop. The combination couldn’t be better.

Daniel Eime's Workshop
Daniel Eime’s Workshop

Apart from being a fascinating artist with a stencil technique that will blow your mind, Daniel Eime can also be a great teacher. He is used to give stencil workshops to people from different age groups. Nothing better than some live action that you can do yourself. Well, with his help. If you don’t like painting in particular, but like the idea of a creative workshop, you can find some more ideas here.

Your Branding Event

There is no better way to promote your brand than through live painting or drawing during a shop opening event or if you have a special product launch planned. And yes, you can go over the top and hire a 3d Chalk Artist, but if you want to keep it simple and have everyone taking a souvenir from this event, consider hiring someone to do live sketching on an iPad.

For the second year in a row, Lancôme asked Patrícia Furtado to join them for Mother’s day. This was a great example of branding promotion. Lancôme could advertise and sell their products, while an artist would catch people’s attention by drawing who would pass by.

Your Gala Dinner

Maybe it’s your company’s annual dinner, awards gala or even your Christmas Party. You have a live band who will perform and the menu for the night is outstanding. But the show must go on! Invite Hülpman for a live painting session. He can paint indoors, outdoors and in front of an audience or be part of a show. Your decision! And yes, you will be able to take the final result home and hang it on your office wall.

Hulpman Live Painting
Hulpman Live Painting

Your Wedding

Last but not least, your big day. It will be perfect for sure, but why not let your guests take something with them to remember the date. With a touch of humor and a lot of skill, Gon can bring a very special touch to this day. Caricatures are his area of expertise and he will surprise everyone with his ability to have drawings ready in 3 to 5 minutes. Impressive, don’t you think?

Live Sketching with Gon
Live Sketching with Gon

Are you still not convinced that live painting is what you need at your next event? Let us give you more reasons and ideas. Get in touch with us.