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Proposing in front of everyone at the restaurant? Overrated. With the sun going down on a beautiful landscape? Very classical. There you are, spending your days and nights with the love of your life and wishing to make things a little bit more official and settled. You don’t know how to make a “wow” marriage proposal that is original. Pinterest didn’t help you with it either. Relax and hire an artist! We’ve got some ideas for you.

Say It with Music

Imagine: You are walking hand in hand with your lover in a beautiful city. Suddenly and “by chance”, a musician starts playing your partner’s favorite love song on the street. You get on your knees and ask him or her to stay with you for the rest of your lives. Happily ever after! Isn’t that cute?

Yes, it is! And it was exactly Jelle’s plan when he contacted us to help him setting up an adorable “marriage proposal strategy” for his girlfriend Annelore. He planned a city trip to Berlin together with her, another couple and some mystery guest who secretly came along.

On the day of the proposal, he left the hotel pretending to be looking for some bars, went in front of the Bode Museum and took a picture with a bottle of champagne, asking Annelore to join him for some drinks. When she arrived, she found the bottle of champagne next to Geraint John Jones who started playing “I’m your man” by Leonard Cohen. Jelle was hiding a few meters away, he popped up and did the knee-drop. His girlfriend’s best friend (the mystery guest) was there as well to witness this incredibly cute moment.

« She said yes – that was the icing on the cake! »

After she said yes, they decided to open the bottle of champagne and celebrate all together with the artist. We were so happy when we saw the pictures and video of this memorable day! Contributing to this kind of love project always makes us so joyful.  May Jelle and Annelore live happily ever after!

our faces when we see a proposal
Our faces when we saw the pictures of the marriage proposal
marriage proposal singer songwriter graint john jones berlin
The happy couple celebrating with their friends and Geraint John Jones after the proposal

Say it With Paint

Maybe you’re not a music type of person (is that actually possible?) or you want to propose with the help of another type of art. Why not going for a personalized picture? I’m not talking about a photo but rather a unique piece of art made in a specific artist’s signature style. Clara Cabrera is used to turning your photos into crazy colorful artworks. She recently got to paint this lovely portrait for the client’s loved one. No doubt that a picture in that style as a gift will blow your partner’s mind.

Clara Cabrera: the process
clara cabrera couple portrait
The final result!

Say it With Paint… On Yourself!

Let’s move to an even crazier level: if you think painting on canvases is too common, try proposing with artwork on your body. Some time ago, one of our clients came to us in Lisbon with a very precise idea. As her boyfriend had just proposed her, she wanted to find a very creative way to finally answer “yes”. When body painting came to the conversation, she loved the idea and decided to go for it. Our artist Cris Neves was more than happy to take part in the project of “proposal answer” and painted a wonderful corset-like piece on the client’s chest.

We hope that our artsy ideas inspired you to propose on the best way ever to the love of your life. In any case, don’t forget: if you have crazy proposal ideas involving arts, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to make it happen. One love!