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Ho Ho Ho, Christmas is just around the corner! Santa Claus may not be coming to the office this year but you can still make a great day out of it by celebrating with your colleagues. Original Office Christmas Party Ideas may be hard to come up with year after year. Still a lot to prepare?

We’re here to help you with that. Here are some Christmas Party Ideas that will help you spend a fantastic evening of celebration at the Office, and strengthen team spirit in your company. Because in the end, whether it be at home or at the office, Christmas is all about caring! Our Christmas gift to you.

Office Christmas Party
Christmas Installation by Maria Imaginário

Office Christmas Party Idea #1: Graffiti Workshop

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken. So take a spray can and go crazy on your office walls! With prior permission of course… Vitó Julião‘s amazing workshops can teach you the basics of Graffiti Art at your next Office Christmas Party. And it’s a way to make the office brighter for the rest of the year!

Office Christmas Party Ideas
Graffiti Workshop by Vitó Julião

Office Christmas Party Idea #2: Building Art Installations as a Team

Every time you pass by, you’ll remember the wonderful time you had making Art with your colleagues. And it may help put a smile on your face on Monday mornings ! Our artist Maria Imaginário specializes in making something banal look one of a kind. A few ideas: your company logo made with Christmas candy, a unique Christmas tree installation, snow mans, a mug for your desk, even mascots, especially designed for your team!

Office Christmas Party Ideas #3: Hula Hoops for Beginners

For the daredevils out there, here’s something new. We bet you’ve never done this at an Office Christmas Party before ! Let’s just say, trying Hula Hoops for the first time is an adventure: you were either born to Hula or… not. But don’t give up, you’ll manage with a little help from Nina Hula. Either way, doing this at the Office will be a lot of fun and a great to discover some of your colleagues’ hidden talents…

Office Christmas Party Idea #4: Character Portrait Painting Workshop

Want to explore your subconscious? A christmas party workshop held by artist Niels de Jong will stimulate your creativity and reveal your imagination by guiding you through the creation of your very own character. There’s no better way to get to know the people you’re working with!

Office Christmas Party Ideas
Artwork by Niels de Jong

Office Christmas Party #5: A creative coffee break…!

iSteef believes in the magical powers of banana art! People can’t help smiling when they see him drawing on a banana. He’s cleverly developed the art of communicating through bananas and the themes are diverse: you can have your own personalized bananas or Christmas themed bananas! You’re probably thinking Christmas and Bananas don’t match, and at first, we didn’t either. This artist will make you change your mind!

At the End of the Event, a Special Treat for everyone!

All events should have souvenirs! A small gift is a symbol of appreciation and a nice way to remind you of the good times you spend at the office. How about caricatures? Gon‘s ones are wonderful. Laughs and friendly banter are guaranteed and it’s a wonderful decoration piece for your office desk or your living room.


Office Christmas Party Ideas
Cartoon by Gon

We hope this article brought you some innovative Office Christmas Party Ideas, and that your team will enjoy them as much as we have ! You can check our musical ideas here!

If you need more ideas for your Office Christmas Party, get in touch with us!