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Maybe you take Valentine’s Day seriously, maybe you don’t. Call it an American Holiday created by florists. But on February 14th a lot of your friends (and maybe even co-workers?) will still hope for signs of love and appreciation.  Don’t worry, we got this covered with the sweetest surprises for your girlfriends, lovers, besties and colleagues.

Geraint John Jones
Geraint John Jones spreading love

1. Let’s Start With The Love Of Your Life,

who held your hand through so much this year and deserves something truly surprising. Why not partner with our finest artists to compose a very own song for your sweetheart. If you are not strong on the singing side, he can also perform it for you. No problem! We can hook you up with Geraint John Jones, Vincent Sala, Alice Hills.There are so many lovely musicians.

2. Treat Your Girlfriends To A Living Room Concert

Single and fabulous? You also deserve a special celebration! Instead of meeting your girls for gossip and guacamole at the Mexican cocktail bar, bring a little twist into this special day. Just turn your living room into a stage and invite one of our musicians for an intimate private concert. Anna Morley plays beautiful tunes on the vibraphone if you want to chat and burn old love letters. In case you want to shake your booties and celebrate your fabulosity, invite the cute boys from Hektisch Kunst for a little rock concert. All the single ladies put your hands up!

3. Put a Smile On Your Mom’s Face

A personalized note, postcard, or cup is a cute present to make your mother feel special on this day. Uniqueness and elegance is written all over the work of GHIZ, a Moroccan self-taught artist. She creates mind-blowing patterns and shapes by hand or digitally, and prints them on all surfaces she can find.

But who said Valentine’s day has to stay outside of the office? We have a few ideas to show some appreciation to your fellow co-workers as well:

4. Give Out Hand Lettered Cards

Paper cards are not getting old, they actually gain appreciation with digital content replacing almost all memorabilia. Why don’t you get a set of hand lettered cards to let everyone know how unique their work is.

Hand Lettering by Vikunia
Hand Lettering by Vikunia (“You only see well with the heart”)

Some ideas on what you could write to your team:

  • I think your emails are awesome
  • It’s okay you listen to Spotify all day! We don’t mind
  • You look fabulous in a pantsuit

5. Let The Office Do The Talking

If you are a shy one, why don’t you leave a more subtle message. We work with incredibly original window paint artists. Spell out the love with a heart-covered window front, that nobody can overlook. All you need is the key to the office, and voilà your surprise.

Katharina Konte leaves love letters on walls and windows
Katharina Konte leaves love letters on walls and windows

6. Give Out Tattoos

More sustainable than flowers, and a lot healthier than chocolates: Book Frollein Motte’s Popup-Tättu Studjo to give out personalized tats to your workforce. A reason to talk to each other and get “physical”.. But not too much.

Frollein Motte’s temporary tattoos
Frollein Motte’s egdy temporary tattoos

7. Take A Break From The Everyday Routine And Get Creative

Invite your team to a fantastic workshop, for example a stop motion workshop with Keen on Mars where everyone becomes an artist. You can read more about the crazy workshops our artists came up with → here. A day outside the office can work wonders, and let’s be honest … Most of your team won’t be able to concentrate, anyways.

Stencil Workshop by Vitó
Stencil Workshop by Vitó

Whatever you do, keep it original and pretty – regardless if it’s your mother, colleague, girlfriend or bestie that you want to surprise. If you have any doubts – call us, as always!