3 Ways of Using Street Art for Guerrilla Marketing

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In the past few years, you’ve certainly heard a lot about Guerrilla Marketing. Using elements of surprise and a highly imaginative approach, its aim is to bring maximum results without spending enormous amounts of money. In other words: it focuses on low-cost and unconventional marketing tactics.

Although winter is not completely over yet, spring is slowly coming back and we’re all looking forward to doing some outdoor activities again. Moreover, a milder weather also brings a good opportunity for brands to advertise their activities on the streets using Guerrilla Marketing and creative promotion. Here are five ideas on how to catch passerby’s’ attention using street art.

1. Play With Perspectives

As you might have read it in my previous article, including 3D painting in your guerrilla marketing strategy is ideal if you want to create a real surprise effect. In addition to requiring great technical skills and being incredibly beautiful, it also lets people interact with the artwork and share their pictures and videos.

As the marketing campaign for Reebok Crossfit shows it, we can use 3D art for creative and unexpected promotion: the brand teamed up with artists 3D Joe and Max to create the world’s largest 3D painting and break the Guinness World Record. As a result, the artwork received broad media coverage and shares on social media.

Manfred Stader's 3D painting on floor
Manfred Staders talent for stunning and ‘interactive’ 3D painting is often requested for marketing and advertising campaigns

While 3D painting plays with perspectives, some embossed installations made of unusal materials will rather surprise and impress your audience. Catarina Monteiro aka “Glam” is a Lisbon based artist making astonishing paper, wood and cardboard installations. As the goal is to create something outstanding and unconventional, her sculptures fit perfectly with the spirit of Guerrilla Marketing.

2. Make Art With What’s Already Out There

One specificity of street art is to take elements of the ‘urban landscape’ and transform them into something more special. Therefore many brands have been using this technique and incorporated it into a Guerrilla Marketing plan to catch passerby’s’ attention. Here are some of the most famous and successful examples on how art can be implemented in set up.

Mr. Clean Marketing Crosswalk
How to show off Mr. Clean’s super-powers using a crosswalk and a simple painting
Axe Guerrilla Marketing Exit Sign Street Art
Axe added a simple “artsy twist” to this exit sign and it takes a whole different meaning

Many of our artists work with shapes and elements of the city and give them a little twist. For example, Tape That  applied tape on non-adjacent areas in a way that the full picture can only be seen from a certain angle.

Another way to enhance a product or a brand is to create an unexpected association with a specific type of art. As an example, TAPE OVER used this technique to create a special atmosphere at the ITB Berlin on two Mercedes Benz cars.

Talking about unconventional marketing… Have you ever thought of using VERY uncommon materials and objects? Like, for example… Fruits?

Yes, you’ve read it well: fruits. And guess what: we know the perfect artist for the job. ISteef  is a Rotterdam based artist specialized in fruit doodles. He draws and “sculpts” mainly on bananas to create detailed motives and funny scenes. If you’re looking for a way to dazzle the crowd, think out of the box and hire a “fruit artist” to get your message across.

Finally, Catarina Monteiro masters the art of reusing elements and making sculptures and installations with it. She picks up paper, cardboard and wood to create something new. Using her art as a real medium to raise awareness about ecological issues, Catarina designs unique pieces that catch the eye with a strong meaning.

3. Add A Little Dramatic / Funny Twist

Who said street art only includes graffiti and painting? In fact, many guerrilla marketing strategies also include actors and performers to create a surprise effect. For example, here’s how Belgian TV channel TNT created a “dramatic scene” with the help of many comedians. As a result, lots of people shared the video all across the Internet.

Catch The Eye With Stilts, Fire Shows And Body Painting

Last year,Bodø 2016, a festival organized by the Norwegian city invited us to promote their event with several of our artists. As the festival was happening, the artists caught people’s attention and brought them to specific places in the city.

To reach that goal, we gathered JAGO & L-ION to perform some outstanding walk acts together with several models painted by talented artist Cris Neves. With their handmade outfits and colorful motives they walked through the town, interacted with the citizens and raised attention. Read more about our adventures in Bodø and what we learned from it.


JAGO and L-ION walk act bodo festival
Bodø citizens surprised by JAGO and L-ION’s interventions all across the city
Cris Neves body painting on a model
Preparation of the intervention : Cris Neves painting on one of the models
jago l-ion and models bodo
JAGO, L-ION and Cris Neves’ models getting ready to walk through the city

Bodø 2016 wasn’t the only event for which we’ve been asked to organize outstanding walk acts. Some weeks ago, the online platform Noizz contacted us to provide them an unusual walk act. They wanted something unconventional to wow their guests at the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival happening in Hamburg. Here’s the result. 

bodypainted models at noizz
The two models painted by Léonie for Noizz

As you can see, we offered them to book two models painted by Hamburg based artist Léonie. During the event, they walked through the crowd and distributed some promotion material as well as jelly shots. As a result, the performance added a perfect ‘offline twist’ to the fair and caught the public’s attention.

In conclusion, street art in all its forms is definitely the right way to go to catch people’s attention. Our job is to help you finding the best way to wow your audience and leave an unforgettable memory. So, what are you waiting for? Just contact us to get inspired!