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Opening up a new location can be a very exciting start to a long story. Be it a boutique store or a new restaurant, it is always important to start off with a bang to keep customers coming and stay in everyone’s mind.

Jessie Rose performing a skate show in a fast food chain
Jessie Rose performing a skate show in a fast food chain

Step 1: Let Everyone Know That Something Big Is Happening

You can set-up an incredible opening party serving the finest drinks and snacks, but it’s all worth nothing if nobody knows about this. That’s why we suggest: Go big on outdoor announcement as a warm up to the actual event. There are many interesting ways to promote your shop opening.

You can create a huge 3D chalk painting on the ground, or paint footsteps all across town leading to your shop. It’s raining? Don’t worry, a lot of artists work with vinyl foil that can be rolled out the night of the event in front of your store.

Alternatively, you can create a head-turning happening at the moment the store opens. Fire shows, costumes, ballet dancers – the only decisions you have to make is which artist will genuinely excite your audience and fit with your venue and the product.

Meute on the streets in Austria

Hire A Marching Band

For example MEUTE, a fantastic electro marching band from Hamburg. Pompous music and impressive outfits will catch everyone’s attention. Create a FOMO* atmosphere: people will follow Meute to the venue to satisfy a craving for news.
(*fear of missing out)

Step 2: Create A Unique Experience In Your Store While Keeping A Clear Divide Between Your Brand Identity And The Art Work

It is important to present a new shop somewhat untouched, making sure visitors understand what the brand is about and take in the aesthetics of the store – but at the same time you want something surprising, a reason for your audience to be there at the opening night, and of course something to talk about the next day.
Oh and we know – everything is freshly painted and all, so we suggest going with artwork that leaves no trace.

Mademoiselle Maurice's origami graffiti
Mademoiselle Maurice’s origami graffiti

Origami art is enabling you to showcase your rooms in a new light. Mademoiselle Maurice, for example, is working with luxury brands such as LVMH to create fragile, colorful paper graffiti.

Wall design by Tape Over
Wall design by Tape Over

Tape Art is maybe last year’s news, but take some time to soak in the atmosphere of this video mapping done by TAPE OVER. While in constant motion, the video does not draw visitor’s attention away from your products and location – but its hypnotizing aura will be an eye-catcher and can be the last push for by-passers to enter your store. And to be honest, it is also quite perfectly suited for the latest trend of broadcasting pretty videos on social media.

Last but not least, lets not forget about your most valuable surface: Your windows. Katharina Konte and Vikunia can create impressive store fronts that will force people to slow down their stroll by drawing with chalk on windows. Easily removable, adaptable to your theme, and just plain beautiful to look at.

Window painting from Katharina Konte
Window painting from Katharina Konte

Step 3: Keep Your Visitors Busy

Usually it is not enough to make a space look nice and tell everyone to get there. Something needs to happen, better even, if something really special happens.
A dance show is always impressive, have a look at Babs and The FantastiX. Babs is one of the few popping dancers in the world, she combines robot-like moves with her feminine ways. You might have seen her on MTV dancing in the video clips of Namika or LiamX!

FantastiX dancing in front of the port in Hamburg
FantastiX dancing in front of the port in Hamburg

FantastiX is a professional street dance crew from Hamburg. Its diversity makes the ensemble so special, there members of different backgrounds combine classical dance with modern styles such as House, Hip Hop, Breakdance, Popping and Krump.

Try To Mix Up Different Fields

If you are representing a cosmetics brand, ask a graffiti artist to work with eyeshadow and lipsticks or hire a circus artist to juggle with perfume bottles. If you are opening a high-end kitchen supplies store, ask a musician to build a drum out of your pans and have him perform a concert.

Sketch by Patricia Furtado
Sketch by Patricia Furtado

If you are presenting new technology, try using that theme in your entertainment: have Patricia Furtado live sketch on her iPad – and for your urban bakery, ask our wall sprayers to create ginger bread house mural.

Build A Selfie Wall

Yes, self-promotion is everything, so create a spot for Instagram enthusiasts to report from. Add a fake-mannequin to the actual ones that visitors can pose with. Nothing shouts promotion like your client’s life streaming from your actual shop windows.

Frollein Motte’s Pop up Tattoo Studjo
Frollein Motte’s Pop up Tattoo Studjo

Make a lasting impression with your own tattoo stand. Okay, maybe not that lasting – the ‘Pop up Tattoo Studjo’ from Frollein Motte allows visitors to get a temporary tattoo with motives that you chose.

Step 4: Make It Easy To Remember The Evening.

Fashion Loves Illustration Artists.

You will be remembered longer if you let your guests take a souvenir. Pick for example  fashion sketches, where everyone becomes a model – a safe way to make a fashion boutique opening unforgettable. Ghiz and Frollein Motte are two illustrators based in Berlin that love drawing on shoes, curtains, carpets, t-shirts – whatever you want, really. Let your guests take a personalized shirt or a tote to make them feel special.

Silk printing by Silberfabrik
Silk printing by Silberfabrik

Give Something That Is Beautiful And Funny At The Same Time

Go one step further and ask a lettering artist to co-work with an improv comedian. Let guests inspire the comedian to create original quotes which will be immortalized on paper in beautiful handwriting.

Sometimes it’s hard to think outside of known patterns, which is why we love combining different arts, or involving a new medium in an otherwise traditional process. Knowing what is out there helps a lot, which is why we love talking to our clients through projects that could even just be a work in progress. Pick up the phone if you want to talk, or just drop us an email.


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