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Do you want to enhance creative thinking using unconventional and artsy tools? Maybe you’re looking for a way to offer your employees and coworkers a shared learning experience outside of the workplace? Have a look at our different solutions for team building activities and workshops using street art and graffiti technique.

1.Detailed Stencil Workshop With Daniel Eime

Daniel has been creating large scale murals since years in Portugal using very precise stencil techniques. His stencils are made by cutting a pattern out of card, plastic or metal. It is used to recreate the cut design on the surface below by the application of paint through the holes. What’s so exceptional about it is his sense of detail and his ability to put together small pieces into one big stunning artwork.

Participants at the workshop are cutting out patterns on the stencils
Participants at the workshop are cutting out patterns on the stencils

He also loves to teach his art and therefore organizes workshops and team building activities. Together with him, the participants have the opportunity to learn about a new technique and create a mural from the beginning to the end. This involves designing, cutting out the design on the stencil and applying it with paint to the wall.

Daniel Eime’s mural
Daniel Eime’s detailed mural
Work in progress
Final step: Let’s paint it!

Working together on a very detailed artwork requires real team efforts and a good communication between participants. It encourages them to work together towards a common goal and the result is incredible.


2. Graffiti Team Building Activities With Gustavo Mesk

Mesk is a graffiti artist based in Porto. When he’s not busy painting colorful, funny cartoon-like characters he likes teaching graffiti and spray painting. With Mesk the team building activity isn’t about detailed techniques but more about unleashing your creativity as a team. The artist wants to show participants different disciplines including stencil and ‚free spraying’ graffiti, he lets them experiment and try out different patterns and colors.

Mesk's workshop material
Mesk’s workshop material
MESK team building activities graffiti
Participants in the middle of his creative process


3. Creative Painting Session With MURTA and UIVO

Still not convinced? Then have a look at Samsung’s graffiti team building activities from last spring, in collaboration with Portuguese street artists MURTA and UIVO. The participants had a blast painting on big sheets of papers, trying out different colors and patterns. In addition to having a fun activity with their colleagues, the attendants were invited to bring their families along and include them in the creative activity.

Samsung’s team building activity with MURTA and UIVO
Samsung’s creative workshop with MURTA and UIVO


At Book a Street Artist, we believe that using graffiti and arts as a medium to encourage collaboration and new ideas is the good way to go. And no matter what your team goal is, we can help you achieve it with planning the perfect artistic team building activities for your colleagues. Feel free to contact us for some personalized advice!