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At Book a Street Artist, we believe that with the right support and encouragement, everyone has the potential to be creative. Team building with art is all about getting creative together. In corporate or business settings, in a small community or taking place in schools, it’s up to you to decide.

KJ263 - Team Building Event
Workshop With KJ263

Team Building with Art: Amazing Collaborations for Better Results

We offer our expertise in helping you to bring the best out of your team thanks to art. A perfect example is one of our last collaborations, this time with the company EDP Distribuição in Portugal. Six of our artists were able to mix their style with the company’s vision with the help of 100 collaborators. You can read all about it here.

EDP Distribuição Team Building with Art
EDP Distribuição Team Building Event

Another impressive collaboration was the one established with Samsung. During this team building activity, the employees of the company and also their families were invited to unleash their creativity and experiment with different techniques and colors. 


Workshop for Samsung
Workshop for Samsung

How Does it Work?

Doing team building with art is an exciting alternative to a traditional team building activity. It is a fun way to encourage collaboration and creativity within your team. You tell us the date, location, the number of participants and anything else that you find relevant for the occasion.

We make sure to match you with the perfect artists who always come up with fun team building activities for your team. Easy, don’t you think?

KJ263 is a graffiti artist and also a storyteller with attention to detail. He offers graffiti painting workshops and other group activities that will get your team excited from the first moment.

In case you want to work with different materials, why not book TAPE OVER for a tape art workshop? As they say, “tape art is fun and all you need is your hands and some imagination.” And, yes they are also the creators of this mesmerizing tape art installation.

Team building with Art: TAPE OVER workshop
Tape Art Workshop by TAPE OVER

In case you are looking for an activity that is highly personalized and needs to match your team and your company vision, consider booking a stencil graffiti workshop from Vitó Julião is the right option. Maybe you need photographic coverage or a brief introduction to this Art – just ask for it! Indeed his workshops are very flexible and tailored to your needs.

The Options are Endless

If you are looking for something more musical or even more acrobatic for your team of athletes, we also have a few ideas for you.

David Hirst’s fingers are magic. But yours can be too! His workshop is designed for those who already know a few chords and want to dig into the world of Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar. He can lead you in a journey through percussive beats on the guitar and different techniques and styles within the genre.

If you think that Hula Hoop is just a children’s game, please let Kristin Lahoop prove you wrong. Her hula hoop workshop is not only extremely graceful, but you also get the chance to learn a few tricks and new movements.

Kristin Lahoop's hula hoop team building with art
Kristin Lahoop’s Hula Hoop Workshop

Say Yes to Team Building With Art

A team building event or activity that combines Art with team work is our suggestion for your next team gathering. Your colleagues can have a fun day, learn a new skill and maybe keep an artwork as a visual reminder of the team working together.

You’re still not convinced? Let us know what you want and when you need it. We are more than happy to show you more examples of how to combine team building with art. We can surely find the perfect team building activity for you!