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You decided to be the host of this year’s Carnival party and you’re now having second thoughts about it. Take a deep breath. There is no reason for that. The only thing that you need to worry about is finding the perfect outfit for you to be the shiniest star in the party. We will not let your neighbor’s party be the trendiest in the neighborhood.

In Love with Fire
In Love with Fire and their fabulous outfits

Warm Up Your Guests

In Love with Fire are a dynamic duo that can warm up any party with their outstanding and exuberant fire and light performances. Apart from warming up your guests, they will also leave everyone mesmerized with their exquisite outfits.

If the fire you want to bring to the party is of a different kind, what about inviting Joel Oliveira to come and show some impressive footwork? Let your guests travel through a magic moment with the best rhythms from Brazil with a unique Samba show. After all, if you can’t join the Carnival in Rio, let the sounds of Brazil take over your party.

Carnival In Your Office

If you decided to bring the Carnival to your office and you have invited all your colleagues to wear their most eccentric outfits and bring along their families, maybe what you need is not all about warming up the environment. What you really need are highly entertaining moments that will make everyone relax after a hard working day.

Johnman as canvas
Johnman as canvas

Johnman is a very special artist whose performance counts not only with his own artistic side but he also counts with his audience to complete the “canvas”. With his BLANKO performance he let’s the audience paint him allowing their creativity to translate into this human canvas. What a twist!

Talking about twists, another performance that will play with the emotions of your colleagues and guests is the one delivered by Paul Tolhurst. Your audience will have to be able to handle some suspense with this escapist’s performance. If the crowd is a sensitive one, don’t worry, he can also play more lightly combining some dance and juggling moves with his unicycle.

A performance by Paul Tolhurst
A gripping performance by Paul Tolhurst

Dance Through The Night

From the best dance floors directly to your party, Savaggio is a known duo that mixes up the hottest beats with the sound of the violin. The result couldn’t be better to get everyone ready for the floor. We are ready. What about you?

If your thing is something with some hints of Swing and Jazz and you want your party to become a stage where everyone can become a star, why not inviting Cottas Club to come over? Their performance couldn’t be more versatile and full of energy and will leave everyone with a big smile on their faces.

We hope you now have some ideas to make your Carnival party a huge success: We are sure that this party will be a topic of conversation for weeks and weeks…until your next party. Regardless of the outfit you had in mind for this Carnival, we have the best options to make your party U-N-F-O-R-G-E-T-T-A-B-L-E.


Don’t forget, if you want more ideas or you just want to share your Carnival plans, get in touch with us!