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Almost every bride to be is looking for unique wedding entertainment ideas to make this day memorable for every guest. If you are no exception and want to throw an unconventional wedding party, you may want to take a look at our artistic recommendations. If you have a wedding theme, you can discover some ways of accentuating your wedding theme with art here. We take your wedding day very seriously and our artists do too. Let us show you how to make this day unforgettable for all of your guests.

Flamba - Performance for Wedding -
Hula Hoop Light Performance by Flamba

Unique Wedding Entertainment for the Reception

While the bride is making sure the wedding dress looks beautiful and the hairstyle is as wished, the guests are probably arriving. It’s always good to warm up everyone with a drink and keep them entertained. Maybe you want to hire a band or a musician, but it’s also good to incorporate an interactive activity to get the party started.

Our suggestion to help you break the ice is a moment where magic meets comedy.  It’s your big day and it surely should be magical anyway. Why not take this magic in a literal way and invite an illusionist to surprise your guests with a moment of mystery, laughs and impressive tricks?

João Soares, Hélder Sousa or Billy Kid are some of the artists that can stimulate the interaction between your guests with a touch of magic. In case you really want to make them laugh but still feel the magic in the air, you should invite the Gazzo Show. A street performer, king of improvisation and a professional magician – he might be the perfect artist to kick start your wedding day.


The Wedding Ceremony

This might be the most important moment of the day and it’s usually accompanied by music. You probably want all eyes to be on you, but that does not mean you can’t have a performing artist to help you tell your love story. We recently told you all about a great storyteller who uses his guitar to express himself, but what about using your body to do so?

Air Candy Performing in Aerial Silk Tissues
Air Candy Performing in Aerial Silk Tissues

Air Candy can bring another kind of magic to your unique wedding entertainment. With her delicate and graceful moves, she can help you tell your love story through a choreography up in the air. Can you think of a more beautiful background for when you say “I do”?

Cocktail Time!

Yes! You’re officially married and it’s time to celebrate before the dinner is served. Maybe the sun is setting and you hired a live band to keep everyone happy. But what about a mesmerizing performance still focused on the main subject of the day: love?

JAGO and L-ION with their performance Tarzan and Jane
JAGO and L-ION with their performance Tarzan and Jane

JAGO and L-ION are very versatile artists who have an exotic performance that tells a love story through dance, rhythms, acrobatics and ends with fire and perfect synchronization. We will always be in love with them and we invite you to do the same.

Dinner is Served

Everyone is surely amazed by the unique wedding entertainment you booked for the cocktail and they will be asking for more. If you’re planning on hiring artists while dinner is being served, you don’t have to stick to background live music or hiring a DJ. A performance is a great addition to this part of your wedding day and you can still combine it with music. It can surely keep your guests entertained in between dishes.

Film Concert Charlie Mancini, unique wedding entertainment
Film Concert With Charlie Mancini

A film concert with a projection of your favorite movie with live music by Charlie Mancini is a sublime combination to amuse the audience. Songwriter and musician, he can bring family friendly shows that are fun, dynamic and highly interactive. Everything you want from a performance, really.

The Second Dance

After your starlight moment during the first dance, you want everyone to follow you and dance through the night. What about a warm up with a very special pole dance? Pole dance can be very graceful and sensual, but at the same time very athletic and impressive.

Tridiculous are a trio of artists who can bring you the edgier side of pole dancing. They combine dynamic and powerful moves with intense acrobatics that will give your guests an unforgettable experience.

Cake O’ Clock

A fire or light show can be the cherry on top of your cake. And what a cherry!  After everyone has their own slice of deliciousness, guide them to the place where the performance will take place.

Flamba are the right artists to embody your vision of a unique wedding entertainment. You can chose a light performance, a fire show or even a effortless and charming hula hoop act to celebrate you. They can definitely deliver a moment that will stay forever with you and your guests for sure.

Dance, Dance, Dance!

If you want to hire a DJ to keep everyone on the dance floor but you still want this performance to be unconventional, we have the perfect suggestion for you. We told you all about their performance in Tomorrowland, but we can’t get enough of their awesomeness. The Living Statues DJs are a duo that gives life to living statues through amazing dance mixes.

Living Statues DJs
Living Statues DJs

They can perform through the night and make everyone dance and celebrate love. In case you’re looking for more musical ideas for your wedding, you can read our suggestions here. However, we hope we were able to inspire you to have a live performer in your big day. Let your wedding be the stage to a comedy show or a personalized fire show.

Tell us what kind of unique wedding entertainment makes you dream and we’ll tell you how you can incorporate an interactive performance to your special day.