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Outstanding acts, interesting speakers or exceptional concerts at your next event are, of course, a must-have. However, one element that you should no underestimate is the need to create a special atmosphere. Be it a festival, a conference or a company event, you’ll have to pay attention to the ambience. Let us show you four types of installations that could fit your next occasion!

The Paper and Cardboard Characters

Who’s the artist? Catarina Monteiro aka Glam is a visual artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. When she is not spraying and painting on walls, she also creates installations and sculptures made of paper and cardboard.

What size? Small to Medium.

Where to place it?  Mostly suitable for indoor spaces, Catarina’s art can be used for mutliple purposes such as pop-up spaces and exhibitions, photobooths, scupltures or wall decorations.

What is the most special thing about it? Let her surprise you with all the different elements she can build with a simple piece of paper or cardboard. Indeed, Catarina’s work is made of materials whose artistic potential is often underestimated. Apart from being extremely beautiful, her installations can also be used to raise awareness about environmental issues and the importance of recycling.


The Happy Origamis

Who’s the artist? You’ve probably heard about her already: the French artist Mademoiselle Maurice uses hundreds to thousands of colored papers that she folds to create varied origami pieces. She combines them together, creating unique and colorful motives and three dimensional installations that transform spaces into a new experience. She has worked with brands such as Issey Miyaké and Louis Vuitton but what she loves the most is placing her art in urban cities to bring light to people’s lives.

What size? Small to… Gigantic.

Where to place it? Both indoors or outdoors, in the air or on a wall. Her installations always have the biggest effect on guests and passersby.

What’s the most special thing about it? Mademoiselle Maurice’s artwork has the great advantage of beautifying pretty much anything. She uses the power of the rainbow colors to transform grey city walls into a happy place. With this mindset, she is sharing her beliefs of love and peace with the whole world. From a huge wall covered with origamis, to a floating installation like the one she created for Bikini Berlin, her use of colored papers in origami shapes gives her art a sense of lightness that melts into the natural environment. Sometimes, she also combines her origami art with paintings.


The Wooden Giants

Who’s the artist? Living in Denmark and spreading his art all around the world, Thomas Dambo specializes in making art pieces, sculptures, furniture… Basically anything you can imagine out of trash and especially recycled wood. He also gives a lot of speeches about upcycling and organizes workshops to teach people how to make art from trash.

What size? Very big!

Where to place it? Mainly outside because of their size. Unless you have a very big room! These happy giant creatures fit very well in a playground or in an area surrounded by Nature.

What’s the most special thing about it? Thomas Dambo’s art is made out of what we consider as trash and unusable material. Therefore, making stunning sculptures, huge walls and massive installations out of these materials shows once more that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. His artworks are also highly interactive: from wooden giants to happy walls, Thomas’ work lets everyone play and interact.


The Balloon Madness

Balloon Chandelier Installations Alexander Zissou
Balloon Chandelier by Alexander Zissou

Who’s the artist? A few years ago, the Berlin based artist Alexander Zissou started using balloons as a medium to express himself. Since then, he hasn’t stopped making exciting pieces, from sculptures to… Balloon outfits. His installations are temporary and are in constant change as the time passes.

What size? From party balloons to gigantic installations, all sizes are possible.

Where to place it? Wherever you like. The big advantage: balloons are light and can be hanged from a ceiling, a structure or a rope.

That’s the most special thing about it? You thought that building a chandelier out of balloons was simply unrealistic? Well, Alexander Zissou can make anything happen with his gravity defying installations. Crazy effect guaranteed. Last but not least… Don’t worry about the environmental impact: his balloons are robust but 100 % biodegradable.

Are you getting as excited as we are about these incredible pieces? Let us share more ways to enhance your event space. We’ll match you with the installation artist of your dreams.