6 Creative Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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We are all looking forward to The Special Day Of The Year with excitement and with a little bit of anxiety, too. Coming up with the right Valentine’s day gift ideas is not an easy task, but we are here to help. We collected a bunch of gift ideas for your girlfriend, your boyfriend, and – your friends.

1. Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him – The Stylish One

Mural by Fedor

If your boyfriend or husband is into interior design, we recommend a uniquely designed graffiti wall as the most original Valentines day present we could think of. We work with brilliant urban artists all over Europe, from abstract painting to figurative, inspired by nature or cartoons. For a young and playful guy we recommend Fedor, a graffiti artist and illustrator from Portugal. We love him for the bright colors and cheerful motives that he incorporates in his artwork. For more ideas, have a look at this Guide to the Modern Man’s Interior Design with Graffiti. 

2. Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him – The Non-Romantic One

If your partner is not so romantic, you can surprise him by throwing a party and inviting his friends. No candles, no cake, this day is not about you but about him! Invite a cool artist that will take away the cheesy atmosphere – ever heard of EBM Beatbox, the Berlin Beatbox Champion? His beats get you in a good mood, and they are really impressive – it is hard to believe that a man can create all these sounds with no other instrument than his own mouth. But listen for yourself.

3. Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her – The Classic Seduction

She wants jewels for her birthday, champagne for your date nights and flowers every other Sunday morning? This self confident lady knows what she wants, and she is a true romantic. Every Valentine’s Day you are on the hunt for a new original gift idea, but this year, we’ve got this! Invite Afonso Teixeira into your home. Maybe you know him already from The Voice Portugal, or you are just getting to know his warm and touching music. The singer songwriter can play a short acoustic performance for your lady in the living room, in front of your favorite restaurant or picnic spot.

Afonso Teixeira playing a touching performance on the guitar

If she is not the music kinda girl, why don’t you order a portrait from the talented painter Clara Cabrera that turns your photo into an artwork? You can read all about the process here.

4. Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her – The Avant Garde Seduction

She is different, she hates clichés, and also, she already has everything her heart desires? We have a crazy idea (yes, the word is appropriate here). Bring the in-front-of-the-window-serenade idea to the next level and create a light projection in front of her bedroom window. Get her to look outside, and she will not believe the incredible visuals that you can create together with artists like Yukijung that construct fantasy worlds by using only lights!

Yukijungs fantastic projections turn house walls into fairytales

5. Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her – The Really Cute Seduction

She is the really really sweet one? There is nothing cuter than these objects created by the Portuguese artist Maria Imaginario. This will lift your heart and she will remember you, forever. Believe us.

6. Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Your Ladies Night Out

You are a strong, independent single lady and you plan on spending the night with your girlfriends? We have some treats for you too. To start with, you absolutely need a dance performance – we love Ricardo Paz and his pole dance on “The Boat”. Strong, masculine body moves, elegant acrobatics, and mystic storytelling. This is how we like a good performance!

If you don’t have the space to install a pole in your party location, check this article for more ideas on spectacular performances.

To turn this night into the perfect glamorous adventure that you deserve, invite Miriam Günther to do your hair and make up before you head out to your favorite bar. Oh and we heard.. she does flower crowns, too!

That’s it from our side, please give us a ring and we will plan out the most romantic year of the night together. We have so many more ideas for you and can’t wait to hear whom you want to surprise.