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One of the most important days of your life is here and you would like to make it memorable for all the guests. Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend all your savings on this, there are plenty inexpensive offbeat wedding entertainment ideas to make your guests remember this day in the upcoming years.

From stunning circus performers to astonishing light shows, the options are almost endless. Here are a few suggestions to inspire you.

Air Candy
Air Candy‘s Aerial Chandelier

1. A Musical Touch

First of all, a party is never complete without music. Maybe you are looking for a wonderful combination of jazzy sounds and you would like Nuno Marinho to play in your reception and welcome everyone with his guitar.

If you’re feeling like a peculiar act that has a great voice in the mix, Miss Stereochemistry is the one woman orchestra show that you’re looking for. And guess what? The main theme of her performance can be adapted to your big day.

Miss Stereochemistry


Not enough musical acts? You can find more of our amazing musicians here.

2. A Dance Lesson

You can choose to have a band to encourage everyone to make their first dance steps, but you can also have a dancer doing that job. What about having Raquel, helping everyone to move freely to the sound of the music? She is a Belly Dance expert that can help you release your most graceful self.

Raquel Belly Dance Fusion
Raquel Belly Dance Fusion

3. Puzzling the Crowd

Why not delighting the crowd with a interactive, puzzling magic show? With a cheeky sense of humor, Gazzo can make things disappear and reappear in the most unexpected places. Your guests will be intrigued, but most of all, they will be able to have a big laugh.

Gazzo's Magic Show
Gazzo’s Magic Show

4. Laugh Out Loud

Talking about laughs, your wedding can also be the stage to a highly entertaining stand up comedian. You can take this opportunity to make everyone chuckle with the help of an amusing artists like David Cristina. His performance can be adapted to your wishes, from more conservative to an edgier approach. Up to you!

David Cristina's Stand Up Comedy Performance
David Cristina’s Stand Up Comedy Performance


5. The Little Ones

You don’t want to be the one who forgot about wedding entertainment ideas for all those children that will attend your big day. Before they get restless, invite Mr. Milk for an interactive theatrical performance or even a juggling workshop. His creativity has no limits and we’re sure the kids will have some great memories of this performance.

Mr. Milk
Mr. Milk

6. All the Bright Lights

These artists are In Love with Fire, but also in love with light. With their pretty lights performance, they can take your guests in a journey to their world of neon love. Warning: this feeling might be contagious!

In Love With Fire wedding entertainment ideas
In Love With Fire’s Pretty Lights

7. Fire, Fire, Fire!

When it comes to the best wedding entertainment ideas, we really cannot leave the fire performances out of this list. And no, we could not be more excited about performances like this one in Fantasporto. A fire performance can either go from fire juggling to a combination of fire or include acrobatics and live music. A perfect example of a brilliant performance that incorporates all this elements is the Magic Spirals performance by Fuego Rojo. This duo will tell you a story through fire that will play with everyone’s emotions.

Fuego Rojo's Magic Spirals Perfect For a wedding
Fuego Rojo’s Magic Spirals

8. Portraying Your Guests

Live Painting is something that can bring every event to the next level and your wedding is no exception. Having your guests posing for her for a few minutes is enough for Clara Cabrera to capture the essence that will be portrayed. Apart from being able to bring color to your special day, her artworks are also excellent gifts for your guests to take with them.

Clara Cabrera wedding entertainment idea live painting
Clara Cabrera’s Live Painting


Looking for More Wedding Entertainment Ideas?

These were some of our most special wedding entertainment ideas, and we absolutely wanted to share them with you. If you haven’t felt the wow effect yet, take a look at these installations that can be created just for you and placed in the venue where the wedding will take place. In case you still need some personalized wedding entertainment ideas for your big day, get in touch with us. We are always bubbling with ideas.