7 Wedding Music Ideas for Your Big Day

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The proposal was magical and romantic. Step by step, you started to take care of all the details for the perfect wedding. You booked the venue, sent the invitations and made a list of your favorite flowers. The checklist is looking good! Ocean view: check! Bridal dress: check! One more step: finding the perfect wedding music ideas.

Everything seems to be on its way to make this day perfect. We want to assure you that you won’t miss the opportunity of making this day memorable for all the guests. Here are some creative wedding music ideas for your big day.

Step 1: The Reception

Performance by Cottas Club
Performance by Cottas Club

Almost all the guests are here. The groom’s family and the bride’s best friends. The University colleagues, the work colleagues and the childhood friends. A lot of them, don’t really know each other and you need to think of something to break the ice. This is a day to celebrate!

Cottas Club can give you a little hand. With their sense of humor and dynamism, they can gather everyone around them. With a repertoire influenced by several musical styles, they are the perfect option to kickstart this day.

Step 2: The Ceremony

Cottas Club will lead everyone inside the venue where the ceremony will take place. The big moment is finally here. Your hearts are racing and not skipping any beat. It doesn’t matter if you’re holding a religious ceremony or not. We have the perfect soundtrack for this moment.

Nuno Flores can help you create the right atmosphere for this special moment. This artist can deliver a magical and mystical performance with a repertoire that travels from Vivaldi to The Rolling Stones. He can bring you classical music and also some edgy and contemporary violin covers. We find this twist to the violin absolutely brilliant. What do you think of our wedding music ideas so far?

Nuno Flores wedding music ideas
Nuno Flores

Step 3: The Cocktail

You have already taken the most important step of your lives. Now it’s time to celebrate! The entertainment options and wedding music ideas are countless. Here are some more tailor-made options for you.

A jazzy performance is a right choice if you’re looking for some more relaxed wedding music ideas. This is the perfect time to mingle around and take some pictures with everyone. Apart from the chitchat and the “clack clack” from the glasses, you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere created by Nuno Marinhos guitar. This jazz lover will catch everyone’s attention with his music. Get to know this artist better in this interview.

Step 4: The Dinner

The day has been crazy and intense. Your bellies have started to rumble. Everyone is in the right seat and the catering team couldn’t be doing a better job. Between dishes and conversation, you need to keep the rhythm of the party going. Of course, you can just put on a playlist with your favorite songs. However, we might have some better wedding music ideas for you. What about having a live band playing all of your favorite songs?

Let’s Go Out Band are a versatile band that guarantees happiness in any occasion. With personalized covers from hits that travel from the 50’s until nowadays, their performance couldn’t be filled with more energy and joy.

If you’re looking for something more low-key, but that keeps the spirits on a high level, we recommend you David Hirst. With his fingerstyle guitar, he will make everyone fall in love with his music. He combines percussion with acoustic guitar and the result couldn’t be better.

Step 5: The First Dance

It’s time to open the dancefloor. Before you invite everyone to join, you have to think about the first dance. You need to find that song that is important to you and give a new meaning to it.

Ben Wuyts wedding music ideas
Ben Wuys

Ben Wuyts can help you to spread the love. With his sweet voice, he normally makes the streets of Berlin his stage. He can help you to give that special touch that was missing on this day.

Step 6: The Party

You could end this day without a live performance. However, if you want to end this day in a big style, you must invite Os Compotas. The sound is funky and the energy is contagious. This band from Lisbon will bring everyone to the dance floor. We can bet you that everyone will go home with a big smile after dancing to their music the whole night.

Os Compotas wedding music ideas
Os Compotas

In Summary, Some Creative Wedding Music Ideas for a Perfect Day

The day has come to an end and it could’ve not gone any better. Without a dull moment, the joy was always there. We hope we got to inspire you and help you with the plans for the perfect wedding. We are sure that our artists can help you with this mission. You can take a look at some other wedding music ideas here.

If you are inspired or you need some more wedding music ideas, get in touch with us. We are more than happy to help you get inspired for your big day.