Winter Party: Our Ideas to Warm up Your Nights

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Now that the cold has set in, the dilemmas of winter nights out are back. Does a shiver go down your spine when you think about getting out and facing the rain and cold? As always, we have the perfect solution for you. Organize your own Winter Party and don’t let the bad weather ruin your fun nights out.
Let’s start talking about Music. As for any party, music sets the party’s mood and this Winter Party won’t be any exception. We have some mini concerts ideas to suggest to you that will amaze your guests!

Some Music for Your Winter Party

The soundtrack begins with a performance from our artist Afonso Teixeira who plays solo or with his band Wellman – featuring piano, sax and percussion. Their concerts are cheerful and packed with energy and high quality music!

Infidelix is a well-known hip-hop artist on the streets of Berlin and he is about to launch his Living Room concerts tour. You might ask: ‘Can Infidelix play in my living room?’ Absolutely! Learn more about his concerts on the following article! Infidelix can be the highlight of your Winter Party – now that’s cozy!

A DJ to Heat Up the Party

The night is far from it’s end and your guests must be kept entertained! It’s time to let our DJ’s perform and take over your Winter Party!
We suggest DJ Hugo Ferracci who is a versatile artist and will keep your friends on the dancefloor all night long!


Savaggio performs with his electric violin and embraces house, techno and classical influences. He is absolutely perfect for your Winter Party. Intrigued? Have a look at the video!

Performances of The Night

Emotions are running high and everyone is enjoying their time. Although you can still spice it up by adding a Burlesque performance which could blow your guests’ minds! Wondering how? Meet our artist Isis Melo AKA Lady Myosotis!

To close up with an original performance, we suggest to you EBM‘s Beatbox Show! He is absolutely fantastic and unique for your Winter Party. Have you listened to him?


If you would like to bring something special to the night and get a reputation of the best Winter Party promoter ever, get in touch with our team.