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This is the season to be jolly. Already? Not quite. But let’s start talking about your work Christmas party ideas now. The later you start planning, the more artists and venues are booked out. Planning early leaves you precious time in December to spend on Christmas present shopping, baking cookies and writing letters to your loved ones.

We put together some for your some work Christmas party ideas that include Christmas party games, your favorite Christmas songs, and team building events for the best of all the seasons. Lean back, switch on some Christmas classics, and dive in our early Christmas fantasy.

Book Bands for a Performance of the Best Christmas Songs

Let’s start with what we’re best at and you need most: A great musical performance! Book a musician or a full Christmas band, get everyone off their chairs and dancing. Your work Christmas party can reach a legendary status when our hand selected bands and solo performers play great tunes from the 80ies until today. Wham! or Mariah Carey, you can surely ask for your favorite Christmas song. Or just lean back and listen to some original music – if you feel like that today!

work christmas party ideas - the-kingstones-christmas-party
The King Stones

Invite the charming King Stones for a soulful performance right from Italy and Jamaica, or spice it up a bit more with some brass instruments with Freddy and the Pickpockets. These bands know how to get a crowd dancing. If you have limited room and want to book a more flexible solo musician, have a look at Ilo Rives moving performance or Hugo Ferracis live show. All of these are fantastic work Christmas party ideas that will bring a positive vibe to your company celebration

work christmas party ideas - Freddy and the Pickpockets are elegant with a good portion of jazzy sass
Freddy and the Pickpockets are elegant with a good portion of jazzy sass

Plan Exciting Christmas Party Games

Games are not only for children, there are plenty of great Christmas games for adults as well. To make the most of your xmas party make sure everyone is entertained, not only with mulled wine and an endless supply of gingerbread. We find live-Karaoke a genius idea. Invite an artist to play at your work Christmas party, and hand out the mic to your colleagues. We guarantee this will keep your staff entertained and the moods lit.

work christmas party ideas - christmas-party-nathalie-magee
Natalie Magee and her charming voice brings a joyful mood to your Christmas Party

Nathalie Magee is an elegant performer with a beautiful voice. Ask her to play her favorite jazz pieces or your secretly favorite Christmas Song. She will lift the mood and you can sing along. Or you can invite Ricardo Januario for a surprise at your staff Christmas party. None of your coworkers will know his urban Cello music style, and the sing-along will be even more fun.

Another idea for your work Christmas party is the all-time-favorite: Pictionary. While one member of each team has to describe a word in drawings, the other ones have to guess what is being drawn. We take it to the next level and suggest that you invite an artist who is capturing the events at the Christmas party on the spot. Vitó Julião offers live drawings at your office – Gon turns every head into hilarious Caricatures.

work christmas party ideas - gon-live-caricatures-office-christmas-party
Live Caricature by Gon

You want a really crazy Pictionary? Then invite the Krank, an abstract artist from Berlin, and let the guessing begin.

Pick a Theme for Your Work Christmas Party

Theme parties are so much fun! Don’t you think? You can turn your office into a wonderland with the help of artists like Maria Imaginario (see below), Alexander Zissou (balloon installations!) or Martin Gerstenberger (refreshing vintage wood parts). They pick a regular theme and turn it into their own magical world. Have a look at Maria Imaginário’s fantasy below and ring us right now to get an idea on how to book her for your work Christmas party!

Tip for the ladies: Alexander Zissou also makes amazing outfits.

Plan Holiday-Spirited Team Building Activities – fantastic work Christmas party ideas that shouldn’t be missed

Christmas is the season where we want to be surrounded with love, and when it comes to the office, with nice encounters, good relationships and friendly colleagues. It’s the perfect moment to take your team out for a holiday team building activity. What about a hand pan workshop? The mystical sounds fit this season perfectly. A great teacher would be Geronyom.

work christmas party ideas - Lettering Workshop by May and Berry
Lettering Workshop by May and Berry

If this is too exotic for you, we suggest taking your team to a lettering workshop – for example with the lovely duo May and Berry. Everyone can handle brushes and pens, and the result of this workshops is a pile of stunning hand lettered Christmas cards. Team building and time-saving in present organization – all in one! Your team will be so thankful.

There are so many cool work Christmas party ideas that we could go on and on. You can read more in this article dedicated to the art of creative workshops. 

As you see, our head is full of ideas and we would love to take over the event planning for your Christmas party. Or any party you have planned, for that matter. If you like our ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch personally and get a hand tailored recommendation for your work Christmas party.