10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Belly Dance

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You thought endless times about having a belly dance performance in your event? Are you missing information in order to convince your colleagues that this is the right option to give that special touch to your event? Belly Dance is not all about wiggling your hips with exotic props. It’s much more than that! We spoke with two of our artists, Chillie in Berlin and Sabina in Lisbon. They both count with several years of experience and they opened up the doors to their world full of color and new shapes to us. Do you want to know more?

Performance from Chillie
Performance from Chillie

1. Belly Dance Requires A Lot Of Practice

Belly Dance requires intense and almost daily practice since it works out muscles that we don’t use in a daily basis. It’s also very important to adopt a good posture to avoid injuries and back pain. Chillie reminds us about the importance of training since the flow comes firstly from the isolation of different body points.

2. Belly Dance As An Explosion Of Creativity

Sabina tells us that creativity is present in every single movement. Each performance is different since the dance is highly influenced by the feelings on the spot. The creative process starts on the very beginning with the creation of the outfits. This is where the imagination plays its first big role by connecting the clothes with the dance style or the musical choice.

“The colors and textures of the fabrics express the romanticism and the drama while the stones and the shine relate to joy and elegance” says Sabina.

Chillie tells us that she normally does not prepare a choreography when she has a performance. The inspiration must come from the music and the way it speaks through her body.

Chillie, a beautiful and skilled artist living in Berlin

3. Belly Dance As Musical Experience

Music plays, of course, a very important role, since its beats are the ones who determine every movement of the body. “The dance becomes a visualization of the different beats. They all have a name and they all have a tempo and Belly Dance is about giving movement to every beat”, tells us Chillie. She says that she listens to a song until she knows it by heart and this is the best way for her to deliver the best performance possible. She wants her audience to feel the music through her dance.

4. Belly Dance As Relationship Of Love

Chillie is an artist that has more than 17 years of experience and she had the chance of travelling the world with her Art. Apart from the fact that her performances create a relationship between her and the dance, the audience is also involved in a magical and interactive moment.

Sabina’s relationship with Belly Dance started around 10 years ago and she quickly fell in love with the magic colors and the feminine and graceful movements. This love came to stay and also woke up the passion by Arabic Music as well.

Sabina’s performance in the streets of Lisbon
Sabina’s performance in the streets of Lisbon

5. Belly Dance As A Culture

There are also different kinds of Belly Dance such as Turkish, Egyptian, Lebanese, etc. and they all count with different traditions and different props like snakes, fire, swords or veils. The relationship between the dance and the prop becomes very important on each performance.

Chillie with a red veil
Chillie with a red veil

6. Belly Dance As Form Of Expression

To Sabina, dance was always more than just movements, since it’s also a form of expression through which the artist can show her emotions. From the different types of dance, this is the one that plays with her emotions the most and where she can find the best way to express herself.

7. Belly Dance As A Target Of Prejudice

Unfortunately, there are many preconceived ideas about this Art. “Sometimes people judge Belly Dance from the fake informations they gather from the commercial world”. Sabina tells us about this type of dance as a place for storytelling and where there always is a surprise effect because of the versatility and variety of props such as the wings of Isis or silky veils. Belly Dance should also not be seen as a mean to seduce the man, since nowadays, there are also a lot of men who practice this dance.

Chillie adds that sometimes she does not mention that she is a Belly Dancer exactly because of the prejudices that people created about it. She remembers with joy, one of her performances in a hospital for disabled people where everyone related to the dance and the music and not about what she was wearing. Her audience was able to feel the music through her movements and that’s what she looks for when she performs: to transport people to another world where they can share this connection with the music through dance.

Sabina is dancing in the streets of Lisbon
Sabina spreading her beauty and charm in the streets of Lisbon

8. Belly Dance As A Boost To Your Self- Esteem

Chillie talks about Belly Dance as an art where “you can be a woman”. The practice of this dance is a process where we have a chance to get to know our own body and where we learn how to like it. It’s a self discovery adventure where the relationship with the dance makes us closer to ourselves. “It’s good for the soul”, says Sabina.

9. Belly Dance As The Perfect Choice For Your Next Event

Either as a workshop or as a performance, this type of dance is something that can always surprise with its variety of rhythms, props and movements. Combining complex choreographies and improvised movements, this is the perfect option for you to impress your colleagues or guests.

It’s also a combination between something old and something new. It’s maybe something that people have heard of, but haven’t actually seen it, feel it, or even be open to experience it.

The graceful moves of Belly Dance

10.  Belly Dance Aa An Inspiration For The Future

Belly Dance is a type of dance that is in constant evolution to which you can always add new moves inspired in different styles. The fusion of different styles is always present and it’s one of the things that make this type of dance so magical. “My plan is to always evolve and never stop learning, but always being faithful to the traditional and never forgetting the origins and essence of Belly Dance”.

To Chillie, Belly Dance has always opened up many doors and opportunities. “There’s always people curious about it” and we believe that this a brilliant motivation.

We got inspired by Chillie’s and Sabina’s words and by how Belly Dance can give that special touch to our days through its stage for creativity, its cultural aspect or even its use as a form of expression. Do you want to know more or do you want to know how to integrate Belly Dance on your next event? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to give you some personalized suggestions.