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Did you catch the chalk art wave? In the last few years, chalkboard art and chalk art in general have emerged as a growing trend. These days, it is impossible not to come across trendy cafes with displays of daily offers on a stylish chalkboard in any European metropolis. Drinks, food and announcements are written in flashy lettering and illustrations. Especially here in Berlin, the ultimate capital of hipsters! Here are 4 things you really need to know about this trendy art.

Hiromi Moriya
Hiromi Moriya

1. It’s A Powerful Marketing Tool

Chalkboard art has many advantages when it comes to promoting your brand: first of all, it’s temporary and you can adapt your message or drawing to the moment. Since chalkboard art is easily removable and replaceable, you can also try out an audacious design or message. Humor is always a great way to call the attention!

As a brand, store or restaurant you can benefit from the photogenic character of chalk art: be sure your visitors will want to feed their Instagram with pretty pics of #chalkart!

« Chalk Art Is Always Designed For A Specific Place And Audience. »

Chalkboard art can also be an original way to display your product or give information to your customers. Artistic chalkboard designs definitely draw more attention than ordinary signs!

Hiromi Moriya is a chalk artist since several years. She learned this discipline in Australia and brought it to Japan, her home country. « I like it so much because of the eye-catching contrast between the black chalkboard and the white lettering. »

When using chalk art for marketing, you’re definitely showing your audience an individual and personalized piece of your brand. « Chalk art is always designed for a specific place and audience. I always talk to the client to really understand what is needed » says Hiromi.

Astro Coffee Detroit
Astro Coffee Detroit

« It Looks Much More Artistic And Somehow Handmade, Personal, Individual »

Frollein Motte is a gifted illustrator who is also versed in the art of chalk. According to her, « it is the most exciting and effective way to advertise a product or event (right next to graffiti art on walls) because it looks much more artistic and somehow handmade, personal, individual than a sticker or a banner ad would do. It gives an emotional antipole to our growing digital age. »

Frollein Motte for Hy! at the Axel Springer Penthouse
Frollein Motte for Hy! at the Axel Springer Penthouse

2. There Are Festivals Dedicated To Chalk Art

Did you know that their art several events that highlight chalk art and pavement art all around the world? One of the biggest one is the Denver Chalk Art Festival happening in June, where more than 200 artists gather every year to change the streets of Denver into an impressive open air gallery. A lot of other cities organize similar festivals like the Chalk Walk Art Festival (Minneapolis), the Pasadena Chalk Festival or the Victoria Chalk Art Festival (Canada).

While chalkboard art consists in drawing on a chalkboard or a black wall, the term “chalk art” refers to chalk artwork made on any surface and in any style. Chalk is often used in 3D pavement art and painting.

Denver Chalk Art Festival
Denver Chalk Art Festival – Evan Semon

3. Chalk Art Is More Versatile Than You Think

You can find a variety of different styles and ways of using chalk art. A skilled and experienced artist will create a sophisticated concept for your brand and select the right fonts, colors, and objects to include in the illustrations. After all, you will want to transmit a certain “feel” or emotion. For example, in a comfortable little cafe with sofas and wooden floors, you want the menu board to underline that same kind of coziness.

In terms of colors and shapes, chalk art has no limits. It can be sleek and minimalist or squiggly and complex. While removable white chalk on black board seems to be most widely used, it can be permanent oil-based chalk that comes in any kind of nuance.

There are way more options to draw onto with chalk than menus and boards. You can design shopping windows, glass walls, and also smaller or differently shaped chalk boards to use as give-aways of gifts.

hiromi moriya pet portraits
Pet portraits by Hiromi Moriya

4. Chalkboard Art Is Affordable

There is no doubt about the value of an individualistic and handmade chalk art work. If you have a tight budget, but still love the idea of giving your store or brand an artsy touch, chalk art might be your access to the art world. Usually, these are the main drivers which determine the price for a chalk art piece: 1. the time an artist spends to conceptualize a design based on your input and needs, 2. the material costs, 3. whether or not you want to use it for massive (print) marketing and 4. the time it actually takes to implement the design on the desired surface – in that context, parameters like size and level of detail play an important role.

That said, if you leave much artistic freedom and stick to a simple concept, keep the size small and the design less complex in basic white removable chalk, even small budgets can do magic.

Window painting by Katharina Konte
Window painting by Katharina Konte

Some artists like Frollein Motte or Hiromi Moriya have decided to specialize in chalk art. According to Frollein Motte, chalk art brings new challenges: « it’s not only your fingers and arm that moves while drawing, it is suddenly your whole body that follows your ideas through the chalk ». 

What do you think about chalkboard art? Do you consider it as a good marketing tool for your business? Let us know!