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Very broad and at the same time hard to fully understand, the term “abstract art” has been around for over a hundred years. Today we’d like to introduce you to The Krank, KERA and MynameisnotSEM. They shared with us their vision on this – sometimes misunderstood – style. Let them explain you why you need more abstract art on your walls.

KERA painting abstract style
KERA painting a mural in his unique abstract style

Meet KERA, The Krank and MynameisnotSEM

Either based in Berlin (The Krank and KERA) or Porto (MynameisnotSEM), the three artists have in common their love for abstract elements and a similar artistic path coming from the graffiti scene.

Born in Berlin and painting since 1999, KERA first made a name for himself as a graffiti sprayer. His transformation to a more abstract craft came slowly. As he was studying graphic design he started experimenting more and discovered the power of lines, shapes and surfaces.

For MynameisnotSEM, the way to abstract art started in 2004 with graffiti lettering combined with paste-up and stencil techniques. Deeply influenced by graphic design as well as his love for electronic music, he tries to “paint as if composing music, a kind of visual soundscape”.

The Krank started with graffiti in a small town of Southern Greece, where he grew up. First spraying his former tag-name all around, his thoughts on street art changed a lot as he moved to Berlin 4 years ago. Living in the German capital made him get into a deeper, more conceptual kind of creativity.

How They See Abstract Art

Instead of showing an obvious, recognizable motive, abstract art gives the viewer the ability to interpret. For KERA, abstract art includes “everything that is not explicit and objective. Rules are defined by everybody themselves. Artist and viewer have mental freedom.”

Rather than aiming at depicting a visual reality, abstract art uses shapes, colors and patterns to transmit a certain feeling to its audience. As The Krank explains it, “Abstract art gives me the freedom to describe my thoughts. For me, it’s like poetry.”

KERA canvas work
KERA’s work on canvas

“My abstract art is the key that unlocks many realities. It gives you the freedom to escape and travel with your mind in worlds that you thought never existed.”
– The Krank

Is abstract art then completely detached from the real world? MynameisnotSEM says: I think it couldn’t exist without references to the real world, but most of the time those references are subliminal.” Talking about “real world”: did you know that KERA finds inspiration in numbers? “For me the mathematic part in paintings, like repetitions or having a raster based composition are quite thrilling.”

MynameisnotSEM abstract art mural
MynameisnotSEM’s abstract art on the streets

Why You Should Care

Of course, we love figurative art and it’s often a great fit for your office or restaurant‘s walls. But abstract art has some kind of hidden power that some might overlook. MynameisnotSEM explains the advantage of abstract art very well: “The special thing about it is the infinite amount of interpretations and feelings that it can trigger in each person.”

“I am happy when the viewer can discover his/her own picture in my painting.” – KERA

Art on the workplace fosters creativity and helps businesses address key challenges such as reducing stress or encouraging self-expression. But even more than that, displaying an element that triggers curiosity and gives space for interpretation is “important, especially in spots like offices (…) where lots of people meet during a day. That makes it exciting and gives a certain lightness”, as KERA puts it.

According to MynameisnotSEM, “an abstract artwork can be (…) a nice conversation starter with a client. Unlike representative art, it doesn’t cling to the figure or action, leaving space for rambling.”  The Krank adds: ” (…) Of course, it is a unique opportunity to open a deeper dialogue about art with people around you.”

No matter the context and the audience, it seems like abstract art really adds a special twist to any place, opening minds and fostering dialogue. That’s precisely the reason why we’ve decided to go for it in our own office. We’re now the proud “owners” of two impressive murals created by The Krank. Will you guess the meaning of it?

“Having an abstract artwork on your wall is quite equal like having a never-ending book displayed. You need a lot of time to get bored of staring at it. Every time you can see something more.”
– The Krank

We could go on for hours telling you about how much we like abstract art and why it is so awesome. For each atmosphere and audience there’s a way to enhance the place. Want to learn more? Contact us and let us show you how your office, restaurant, hotel or event can benefit from abstract art.