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If you’re German, or a fan of German rap, you surely know ALLIGATOAH – famous at least since his platinum awarded single “Willst du mit mir Drogen nehmen” in 2015. For his summer open air tour through Germany, we helped the organizers with a wonderful selection of street artists.

Mandakini handpan concert berlinKristin Lahoop and Mandakini entertaining the crowd of German rapper Alligatoah, in Citadel Spandau.

Hoops and Handpan to Accompany ALLIGATOAH

In Hamburg, ALLIGATOAH filled two consecutive shows in Stadtpark. Nina Hula was performing a hoop show, Louis L. was playing the handpan and the Hamburg spirit was embodied by Peter with his street organ. In Cologne, the magician David was playing magic tricks with the visitors, while Annik was performing hula hoop shows.

In Berlin, Kristin Lahoop and Mandakini collaborated to create a show combining hula hoop with handpan music. We got the chance to experience this special event ourselves at Citadel Spandau, a castle and ex-prison that is now 820 years old. The setting was nothing but delicious.

Turning Every Corner into a Stage

Booking street artists as part of an event line-up is an exceptional idea. First of all, it shows the many ways to design a concert night. Secondly, it is a progressed way of thinking of how to take the most out of the space and time that the venue is providing. At the ALLIGATOAH Obdachlos Open Air, interesting performances were going on all over the venue. People were seemingly pleased and enthusiastic about the performances happening all around. Consequently, the long wait for the star of the night felt substantially shorter than usual.

A Spontaneous Collaboration

Together, Kristin and Mandakini created a beautiful and entertaining performance with movement and atmospheric music that flawlessly completed one another. See for yourself.


Hats off to the people who organized the ALLIGATOAH concert tour for delivering a versatile and memorable night. And to the performers all over Germany for pulling off amazing performances. While we were watching ALLIGATOAH escorting the evening towards its majestic end, and making everyone sing-a-long every song on the way, we couldn’t stop thinking how beautiful is the way that music brings people together. Thumbs up for more events like this in the future.

All photo credit to Laura Vatanen