When Art Meets Innovation: 10 Artists Using Technology

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Art can be a meaningful indication of what’s happening in society. In that sense, it reflects the latest trends, innovations and technology. I would like to take you on a tour, highlighting those artists from our portfolio who master the mixing of the most advanced technologies with their artworks.

Bringing Static Murals to Life

We recently got to know Philipp Frank and his one-of-a-kind “video murals”. They are a combination of graphic murals with motion design. The result is stunning: as the painting remains static during the day, it turns into a dynamic, futuristic-looking piece of art once it is dark. The Munich-based visual artist describes his creations as “a fascinating combination of painting on objects and 3D video mapping technique”.

Kalma is a visual artist dedicated to VJing. But not just that! Using real-time processes to create video projections, installations, light sculptures and audiovisual pieces is one of her favorite activities. She also puts in place interactive and audio-reacting installations. Her goal is to provide to the audience an unrepeatable and unique moment through her art.

TAPE OVER’s impressive “Tape Mapping” concept mixes video techniques and projections with tape art. It brings animals, shapes and motives to life in the darkness in a mesmerizing fusion of analogue and digital art.


Connected Fashion Design

If we had to mention one specific artist that really surprised us with her approach to technology and fashion design, we’d tell you about Layla Mueller. This young Berlin-based fashion designer uses a range of different techniques to give each outfit a different appearance and character.

With her project “The Syma Line”, she aims at exploring the relationship between music, fashion and science. Using laser-cut patterns as well as integrated electroluminescent wires attached to a sound sensor, it makes the clothes glow stronger and steadier as the surrounding environment gets louder.


Murals with a Neon Light Twist

Using flexible neon light cables on murals, Spidertag masters the art of enhancing walls with technology. Rather minimalistic, his installations don’t need much to catch the eye and impress. Coming from Madrid, the artist travels around Europe and leaves his mark everywhere he goes.

We’re big fans of GABE‘s very clean esthetics and the fact that he applies his style on every possible medium. As you can guess, we’re very happy to be now featuring him on the platform. But we went crazy when we figured that in addition to creating murals, designs or tattoo motives, he’s also been working on some outstanding neon murals. By transposing his artworks to neon wall installations, he embellishes spaces and environments and takes concepts and ideas to a whole new level. We love it!

The Power of Programming

Using programmable tools such as pixel pois has been more and more popular among performing artists. The type of technology used by pixel pois is based on the persistence of vison principle.  It allows the artist to “paint” images, custom graphic, text or logos in the air. However, the programming part is only the first step – once this is done, the performer needs to move at a speed that allows the images to show and animate correctly. As you can guess, programming and juggling with these sticks is a quite technical and difficult performance.

We love it especially as an alternative to fire. Indeed, many of the fire artists we work with also offer this fairly new show when a fire is not possible for technical reasons. JAGO & L-ION, Sofia Brito, Project PQ or In Love With Fire are some of them.

This relationship between art and technology is one of the reasons that make us love our daily research for the latest innovations even more. Every day we find out about new techniques and methods that bring performances and installations to the next level. Who knows what is coming next?

Are you a tech addict or simply want to discover more examples of innovative techniques? Let us know and we’ll be happy to show you more exceptional artists.