Celebrating our International Artists for the World Cup 2018

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As you might know, we have the pleasure to work with artists from all over the world. We are blessed  with their talent and since the 2018 FIFA World Cup is starting this week, we would like to take a moment to introduce you to 10 artists from different countries represented in this year’s World Cup. We found out a little more about them and asked them about their predictions on who will win this year’s championship.

PabloBear’s Argentina

Argentina is always a big contestant to the title and this may be Messi‘s last World Cup. We spoke with PabloBear who is an Argentian artist living in Berlin. He imagines and creates worlds filled with funny creatures and is inspired by repetition and simple shapes.

PabloBear tell us that he still haven’t had the chance to have a commissioned work related to Sports, although he would love to. “I love soccer and as you maybe know, in Argentina people are really crazy about it, so I grew up talking a lot about soccer. It would be really nice to do a project related to it”. He did a little sample for us below and we couldn’t be more excited for him to have a football related booking.

worldcup with pablobear
Artwork made by PabloBear

When asked what would be his biggest challenge if he had to do graphic recording during the world cup final, he told us: “It sounds like a really cool idea recording the happening of the game on a wall. I think the biggest challenge would be to manage to stay focused. And of course, to not get too distracted by the game itself, mostly if Argentina plays the final”.

His prediction for the World Cup’s winner? “I have to admit that I have no clue who is going to win. The groups are very diverse this time and because it´s happening in Russia, anything can happen! Last time I had the most horrible moment related to soccer. I was living in Berlin and the final was Germany-Argentina… and you know how it ended. We were in the only bar that was the meeting point for Argentinians in the city. It was a really cool feeling, this small group of people staying together regardless of the ending, it was a nice experience. And coming back to your question, if I have to guess, I will love to see Argentina winning this time! And my second option is Portugal.”

Lucas Laufen’s Australia

Australia has never won a World Cup but maybe this year will bring us a surprise. Lucas Laufen is a folk singer-songwriter from Australia. His live performance gives you a taste of his life on the coast on the other side of the world.

You might remember: Lucas Laufen’s performance during out Living Room Session #3

world cup with lucas laufen
Lucas Laufen performing during a backyard show in Australia at the start of the year

Lucas has already performed in a sports’ related event, at the”Alten Försterei” in 2017 for Union Berlin. “It was a really interesting experience actually! My music isn’t generally suited for loud sporting events so it was really weird (but nice). Everyone was polite and listened well which was a bonus.”

We asked him which song comes first to his mind while picturing Australia as the winner of this year’s World Cup. And he tells us that the first song coming to his mind is “Horses” by Daryl Braithwaite!Such a great Australian song”, he adds.

His prediction for the World Cup’s winner? “I’d love to say Australia but I have a feeling that France will get up. Why? I’m not sure, it’s just a feeling.”

Carolina Amaya’s Colombia

Colombia has an amazing group of passionate supporters and that will surely help to motivate the team to play at their best. We spoke with the fascinating artist Carolina Amaya who always presents us with colorful, eclectic and interesting artworks.

world cup with carolina amya
Carolina Amaya surrounded by her colorful art
Carolina believes that “art brings color to the world, and football as well”.  When the teams are connected, football brings tourism to the cities and everyone gathers together in the same place. “There are no limits, no racism, no discrimination. It’s as if the world was one.”
She has already created an artwork that was related to sports. The client was Adidas and she created an installation with light. It had was almost 4x4m big and used 1500 meters of painted cord! 
Her prediction for the World Cup’s Winner? “Colombia of course!!! The team is very strong now!”

Poti’s France

France probably has one the strongest teams and if they manage to play together, they can be one of the main candidates to win this year’s World Cup. We spoke with Poti who is a French artist based in Mulhouse. His artworks stand out because of their bright colors, smiles and the inner happiness that is transmitted to people admiring his art. It’s truly impressive- the way his art smiles and makes you smile back at it.

Poti tells us that he never painted for a specific sport event but that he already painted portraits of a few athletes, Basketball players to be more precise. He’s been playing basketball for more than 20 years and he is a real fan of the NBA.

“If I had to paint something for the world cup I would choose my favorite player or a really iconic one and paint a portrait of him kicking the ball . When I paint players I try to give as much energy as possible in the work, I want people to feel the power, the speed and the skills of the player.” 

His prediction for the World Cup’s Winner? “Well, what I like about the World Cup is that a lot of surprises happen. Smaller teams are sometimes able to beat the best ones and that’s what’s great about this competition. Even if I’m not watching football so regularly, when it comes to the World Cup, I can’t help but supporting France’s team. I really do think that it’s the same for everyone. This event transforms us every four years in real patriots. So let’s go France!”

world cup with poti
Poti’s Artworkd

Hülpman’s Germany

Germany won the 2014’s World Cup and they are one of the most successful teams in international competitions. They are one of the favorite’s to win and they are represented by a solid, strong and balanced squad. We spoke with Hülpman who is a Berlin based graphic designer and sprayer. He paints on walls, canvases, sneakers or even caps and he never stops amazing us with his versatility and talent.

We can’t get enough of his work. Remember his live painting session in our office?

Together with a few other artists, Hülpman has painted a huge mural for a football club in Berlin, Borussia Pankow. This mural celebrated their season opening back in 2015.

When asked which act he would like to see performing during the World Cup’s opening ceremony, he tells us: “I would choose Fat Freddy’s Drop for the opening ceremony. They are a skilled live band that could take the ceremony to a whole new level. They move the crowd and nobody would stand still.”

His prediction for the World Cup winner? “Difficult question. To me, the German team has one of the strongest squads so I would hope we will defend our title. My secret winner is Iceland. I would love to see them going really far.”

Hülpman Diogo Lima
Hülpman portrayed with his artworks by photographer Diogo Lima

Adry del Rocio’s Mexico

Mexico managed to qualify to be part of the World Cup consecutively since 1994 and this year, they have a first challenging match against Germany. We spoke with Adry del Rocio who makes use of paint and chalk to give life to 3D realistic artworks on walls and pavements.

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Adry is an artist from Guadalajara in Mexico. She tells us that “the world cup is an event that unites nations as sisters. It creates an atmosphere of hope and passion in a valid competition.”

When asked how she pictures a 3D artwork inspired by the World Cup, she shares: “I would have to reflect that feeling of passion and union. An interactive work where, of course, the ball must be present along with representative elements of the different nations.”

She add that she has never created an artwork related to sports but she would love to. “Sports forces you to give the best of you and more. Sports demand discipline, perseverance and total dedication. These are values that I admire a lot and I have a deep respect for all athletes.”

Her prediction for the World Cup winner? “As a Mexican, I have to say I would like my country to win. But in this kind of competition the best team must win. Everyone must be happy because the players gave their best. In the end, all the countries enjoy the World Cup. And if you are lucky and go to the stadiums… well, it’s an amazing experience. But also meeting with friends and family at the bar…. it is a unique atmosphere that warms up our hearts.”

world cup with adry del rocio
Adry’s last 3D project with her brother celebrating Mexican culture

Edis One’s Portugal

Portugal is the European Champion and with Ronaldo playing his (most likely) last World Cup, the team will be eager to score and rank well in the championship. Edis One is a brilliant Portuguese artist who combines street art with very typical Portuguese materials such as cork and tile. The result is always exciting and we are huge fans of his work.

We first asked him if he thinks that both art and football can bring people together and he tells us that they are both a worldwide thing. “They can bring the different cultures together. Both art and football have a lot of power and this not only today. It comes from the past. Both can be played in different fields and have a very similar game. Art and football independently have their own social impact. One of the powers they have is that they can reach a lot of people and with that they are able to catch the attention to various subjects.”

He has already created several artworks related to sports. He even worked with a football team known worldwide to do street art workshops who brought people together. He adds: “With this work, I had the perfect example of how art and football can connect people.”

His prediction for the World Cup winner? “Portugal of course. Well, I’m from Portugal. Until 2020 we are the European champions. Although we know we are not favorites, but we will see how it goes match by match. We were not the favorites during the EURO2016 and we were the champions! We showed the world who we are! We have the best player in the world which is very motivating for the other players! We will see what will happen and GOOOOO PORTUGAL!”

Anja Pavlova’s Russia

Russia will be hosting the World Cup this year. The energy must be vibrant in the country and their team is promising. Anja Pavlova is a glamorous show girl that is always ready to bring class and glitter to any occasion. She is originally from Russia but is now based in Berlin.

“According to my friends and family in Moscow, the city is alive with excitement. It’s awaiting thousands of international guests. For various reasons Russia doesn’t see that many people from abroad so this time everyone went out of their way to show their best face. And you know what they say about Russian hospitality? We love to share our traditions and maybe show off a little bit, making sure that everybody has the best of times.”

She also believes that both art and football can bring people together. She adds: “I love the spirit of big football games when even a cab driver will stop on the street to catch a glimpse of the game on a screen in some pub. Everyone knows what’s going on and everyone is sharing some kind of excitement. Even when you don’t really know or care about football. It’s just so beautiful!”

“Same with good art – no matter who you are, a cab driver, a nuclear scientist, a politician or a stay-at-home mum – this excitement is for everyone.”

Her prediction for the World Cup winner? “To be honest I know nothing about football and it’s been years since I watched a match. But I really hope it’s Germany. I love my chosen home country and it would be absolutely awesome to share the celebration with people here!”

world cup with anja pavlova
Anja Pavlova

Clara Cabrera’s Spain

La Roja has won the World Cup in 2010 and again this year, they present themselves with a strong squad with world class players such as Ramos or Iniesta. Clara Cabrera is an artist from Valencia, Spain and specializes in portraits. She explores the individuality of each person and tries to translate it with lines, shapes and colors.

Clara still hasn’t done a commissioned artwork related to Sports but she used to draw a lot of rhythmic gymnasts while she was in high school. She used to be fascinated by the lines their bodies created and the plasticity of their movements.

We asked Clara which football player she would choose to portray. “I would chose Andrés Iniesta because he is an icon. He scored the goal that took Spain to its victory in 2010. Unfortunately and on the lines of my life, I was on a plane that day so I didn’t get to watch the match. I was flying at the same time it took place. But I remember that the air hostess let all the passengers know that Spain had become the World Champion and it had been thanks to Iniesta. I think Iniesta is a good role model, he is humble despite his success. This makes everyone like him. He is applauded in every stadium and now that he is going to Japan, his dad has asked him to take care of his parents’ phone bill so they can still be in touch.”

Her prediction for the World Cup winner? “Spain. We suck at Eurovision so it’s only fair that karma rewards the country this way.”

world cup with clara cabrera
Clara supporting Spain

Talking about Eurovision, Clara is a total Eurovision buff and you can check her Youtube channel with all the insights here.

Ben Wuyts’ England

England presents itself with a young and exciting team. Even though the team is young, there are a few key players that balance things. Englad has a lot of character and it will be good to see it performing with a fresh and exciting team. Ben Wuyts always amazes us with his voice, he has established himself by playing on the streets and stages of Berlin. Originally from the UK, he is a real football enthusiast and we had to talk to him for this World Cup article.

Ben was on once spotted playing on the street in Mitte, Berlin before the Euro 2016 and was asked to play at a Hotel in Frankfurt for a sports tourism company. He tells us: “Germany were playing Poland for a pre-tournament friendly so I watched the match beforehand and then played in the hotel afterwards. It was a lot of fun and truly impressive to watch the German team live.”

When asked which song he would perform in the opening ceremony, Ben answers: “Haha, there is a great question… As an England fan I have zero hopes of achieving anything in this tournament so would probably play something like “The End” by the Doors. Keep things nice and cheery ;)”

His prediction for the World Cup winner? “ENGLAND! (obviously joking). France has probably the most talented squad, but they always seem to find a way to screw it up. Also their manager isn’t good enough in my opinion. I think now that Neymar is back from his injury I would have to go with Brazil.”

world cup with ben wuyts
Ben Wuyts playing for SFC Friedrichshain Internazionale

We couldn’t be happier about working with such a group of diverse and talented artists. And we couldn’t be more excited about the World Cup too. We are ready for the kick off and if you would like to hire one of our artists for your World Cup gathering, just get in touch with us. 



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