Living Room Sessions #1 with Infidelix and David Hirst

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As you know, we love house concerts. We had the honor to host our very own Living Room Session with Infidelix and David Hirst at the Book a Street Artist studio. We invited two very different musicians to perform on that night, for a small passionate audience that indulged in music and culinary treats thanks to Ostmost and Propercorn.

Infidelix and David Hirst: Rap Meets Guitar

David Hirst is the first musician to play. His fingerstyle guitar skills impress the guests and his poetic compositions set the mood for a relaxing evening. In a few words, he tries to explain the reasons underlying the use of this particular set of skills: “I am trying to be my own band. I want to make all the sounds that I need myself, with this instrument.” Most visitors hear fingerstyle guitar music for the first time.


After that, Infidelix takes over the show. The artist has made a name for himself as one of the most iconic hip-hop street artists in Berlin. In between tracks, he shares with us his dreams as a musician and talks about his experience of rapping on the streets. His life as a street performer has introduced him to the people that live on the street and their day-to-day struggles. He performs “Megaman”, a new song about dreams and never giving up hope – a topic that resonates with the audience.

Towards the end of the show, the two musicians decide to play together for a brilliant improv session. Infidelix starts with some freestyle rapping around topics chosen by the audience, accompanied by David’s perfect beats on the guitar. This last-minute duet performance certainly was the highlight of the night – a surprising yet perfectly matched combo.

With a Little Help From Our Friends

Very special thanks go out to Propercorn and Ostmost for letting our guests enjoy yummy flavored popcorn and deliciously organic cider. Big props to our friends at Ostmost, whose mission it is to produce an all-organic drink whilst also preserving orchards and their unique biotopes all across Germany.

Our thoughts about the evening? We can’t wait to organize the next Living Room Session in our studio. The night was a perfect mix of chatting, relaxing, listening to good music and sharing stories. For both musicians and music lovers, house concerts are the perfect opportunity to connect. And a great chance to share a special moment with your peers.

Thinking of organizing your own living room concert? Get in touch and let us introduce you to the most talented musicians in your area. We would be really happy tell you more about the right artists for your living room.