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Realistic urban painting requires a lot of time, patience and talent. Here are some examples of some incredibly gifted hyperrealistic and photorealistic artists. Even though they have some common points, each of them has a unique style. We completely fell in love with their work and hope you will too!


Sean Yoro a.k.a. Hula is an artist based in New York and coming from Hawaii. He’s painting hyperrealistic figures that are in interaction with the environment.


Coming from Mechelen, Belgium, SMATES is a very skilled photorealistic graffiti artist painting a lot of animals and water in his work.


Ricky Lee Gordon

Ricky Lee Gordon is a self-taught artist born in Johannesburg and now based in Cape Town, South Africa. His intention is to create murals that have a meaning to the community who will live with it.

Owen Dippie

Owen Dippie is a realistic graffiti painter coming from New Zealand. You can find his huge portraits in the streets of New York and in his home country. Besides painting faces of celebrities as well as non-famous people, he’s also taking some parts of famous paintings and reproducing them all over the city.

James Bullough

Coming from America, James Bullough is now living in Berlin where he expresses himself with huge, realistic murals. His work is balanced between realistic characters and graphic lines and shapes.


Smile is based in Portugal and is particularly good at painting very realistic and original faces and animals, for his personal work as well as for clients. See his talent by yourself.


Dan Witz

Considered by many as “the father of realistic street art”, Dan Witz is a painter and graffiti artist. He’s famous for his paintings being shown all around the world, but also for his hyperrealistic work in the streets.


Working together since 1996, Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni operate together as Nevercrew. Their work is focused on humans & their relationship with the environment, human systems and the preservation of nature.

Nevercrew bear Nevercrew Nevercrew whale


The French artist MTO (short version of Mateo) keeps his identity secret but you can admire his work all around Berlin where he lives since a few years.


Belin is a Spanish artist painting crazy faces with a unique style. He combines a hyperrealistic approach with some surrealistic elements, such as crazy facial expressions or slightly deformed characters.


Smug One

Smug masters photorealism combined with small elements that bring something magical to the whole picture. It can be a bird, a little detail, a color. Smug’s universe is just like ours, with a little something more.

Jerom Ibiza

You can see Jerom’s work everywhere in Ibiza. His great talent and love for detail makes his work unique and genuinely impressive. He learned graffiti on his own and never attended any art school.

Jarom Ibiza
Jarom Ibiza