Living Room Sessions #3 with Nasca Uno and Lucas Laufen

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Honestly, is there anything better than a cozy and intimate performance to warm our hearts in the middle of the cold winter? Together with Nasca Uno and Lucas Laufen, we organized our third edition of the Living Room Sessions here at our studio. And guess what: it was fantastic.

Lucas Laufen Nasca Uno Living Room Session
Lucas Laufen playing at our Living Room Session

A New Combination of Disciplines

After mixing fingerstyle guitar with rap and electric violin with Hula Hoop, we felt like trying another very new combination. This time we invited the talented visual artist Nasca Uno to improvise and sketch live on our wall in front of the guests, while Lucas Laufen was playing along some of his original compositions. Definitely an unexpected and very uplifting joint performance!

While our art loving guests were slowly starting to fill the room and enjoying a good beer with some Propercorn, Lucas and Nasca got ready to start performing. Some paper on the wall, a couple of spray cans, a guitar: everything was set up for the audience to enjoy an evening of good art.

After a few minutes of chatting, the music took over and everyone sat down. Fascinated by Nasca Uno’s lines on the paper and rocked by Lucas’ poetic music, the audience was clearly enjoying the very special blend of disciplines. Whether they were more into visual arts or into guitar and vocals, there was enough to make everyone happy.

As a German-Peruvian artist, Nasca Uno mixes influences in his work. Using elements of traditional Peruvian art as well as some modern influences, he paints and draws on various media. This time he decided to work on a special portrait for us. The final artwork depicted a Peruvian girl with a parrot on her hat.

Coming from Australia and based in Berlin for the past 2 years, Lucas Laufen uses his Folk compositions to tell stories inspired by his life and influenced by the Australian seaside. As you can imagine, his touching music performance matched perfectly with the vibe of the evening.

Video by Bastian Kempf

Our Impressions on the Night

Needless to say we love our Living Room Sessions. And we truly believe anyone could host artists for a night of music, painting or performance. If you don’t believe it, here are 3 reasons why you should organize a house concert. Small artistic events at home are probably one of the best ways to truly connect with artists and understand their work.

This particular evening was a big premiere for us. We never got to admire both live music and live painting at the same time, and the mix of both was truly enriching. As the session was ending, the artists explained how they got inspired by each other and how it affected their respective performances.

You would like to hosts artists in your living room but don’t know what would work the best? Or maybe you’re willing to join our next Living Room Session to see more live art? Feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to help you out.