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After receiving generous feedback for the first edition of our living room sessions at our studio, we opened our doors for another round of unusual art, entertainment, snacks and networking. We invited the electronic violinist Motz Art and urban hoop artist Ka Whoops to perform, solo and together. The rain outside did not stop our guests from coming together to snack on some Propercorn and have a sip of BRLO’s Pale Ale – yes, we do our events 100% Berlin style.

Ka Whoops with her rainbow LED Hoops

Hoop and Violin – Something Old, Something New, Something LED

Ka Whoops starts with a hula hoop show, mesmerizing the audience with elegant moves. Balancing 1,2,3,4 hoops until our vision becomes blurry, some guests choke on their Propercorn. The Italian performer’s charming smile and her knowing moves are lovely, the performance is perfect for a feel-good-evening. Nobody in the audience has seen a hula hoop show before! And trust us: hula hoop is so much more than the good old hip twist. We tried the hoops afterwards and couldn’t even do the hip twist.

Motz Art then takes over the stage as our heads are still turning. He plays electronic violin and combines looping with live music. The audience is moved and clearly impressed when he puts down his fiddle stick, smiles, and tells us: “I wrote this piece yesterday”. The artist recently produced a new album, “Petting Zoo”, you can have a listen on Spotify. The album is an independent production, and the Motz Art presented a few of his new pieces throughout the evening.

1 + 1 = 100

What follows is a combined show by Motz Art and Ka Whoops – a gig they had prepared only a few minutes before the concert, right around the corner at U Schlesisches Tor. The lights are turned off, Ka Whoops enters the stage in a different outfit, with a new secret weapon: her LED hoop. Motz Art’s electronic beats are perfectly timed with her moves, we are silently watching – the air is a mix of pop colors and LED lights.

What’s next? We don’t know! Drop us a note to be invited for our next edition of the Living Room Sessions, or if you want to host a spectacular performance in your very own living room. We are full of ideas – and as you saw, there are unlimited possibilites of artistic combinations.