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Playing music is one thing. Playing music while a movie is being screened is something else. Charlie Mancini is a Portuguese musician and accompanist. That means he gives silent movies a whole new breath by playing along. The result can be funny, emotional, scary… But in any case very entertaining. Meet him and discover what dinner he’d cook for us!

Charlie Mancini playing the piano

What’s your name?
Charlie Mancini (AKA Pedro Pereira).

What’s the name you always wanted to have?
I am OK with the names I have but Chaplin is not a bad name at all.

Your base?
Sines, Portugal (southwest side of the country, by the ocean, the hometown of Vasco da Gama).

What should we know about your art?
I create live accompaniment to silent movies so those movies can speak through the sounds which are created from my brain to the instruments I play. Long answer…. The short version is: I play original creations for really old and interesting movies.

What means freedom to you?
To travel the Earth showing the beautiful and funny side of life (slapstick comedies and silent cartoons are perfect for this). Besides travel, freedom to me is to be free from any form of self-destructive addictions and to feel peace of mind.

What should no one ever know about you?
That I rarely rehearse or train for the shows.

What would be a perfect death?
Death is never perfect!

Charlie Mancini with guitar and cinema material
Charlie Mancini

What do you suck at?
Speaking hungarian (what an excellent way they have to say police: “Rendörség”… Really?) , playing the drums, mathematics, whistle with the fingers. You know the whistling you make so well putting two fingers inside your mouth? You know what? I can’t do that!

What is your biggest virtue?
Empathy towards the others and I try to be generous everyday.

What’s the biggest problem of your generation?
Technology dependence.

If we’d come over for dinner, what would you cook?
I will cook a traditional portuguese dish such as codfish “Bacalhau” or prepare you some delicious fresh sardines (grilled) with bread, salad and boiled potatoes (if we would be in the sardines season… July and August are the best months to eat that delicious fish).

What gets you up in the morning?
The alarm? Breakfast!? Now seriously talking… My family, the sun and the sea. I am the first to wake up in the house so I prepare breakfast for my ladies (my wife and my daughter).

Which question should we have asked you?
What’s my favourite type of rock or what’s my favourite decade in the 20st century or “Do you want to tour Germany?” 😉 Anything related with cinema as well.

What was the last thing you ate?
Two apples and peanuts.

What is it that you cannot get enough of?
My heavenly gift, Matilde (my daughter).

What is your favorite swear word?
I don’t have one since I never swear but “Porra!” will do (very much used in the Alentejo region).