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Chure’s passion for graffiti started in the late 90s, when some of his friends from school started to leave tags on the streets with markers. After studying a lot of graffiti magazines, he fell in love with the letterings and quickly realized he needs to come up with his own style to stand out of the mass. Since then, he has developed himself a unique, colourful and extremely professional looking craft that has been noticed all around the world. Moreover, even now when he is already an established artist, he is constantly searching for new ways to make his art match his vision as accurately as possible. So, here we go! It is time to meet… Chure!

Chure Lisbon graffiti artist mural
A mural from Chure, graffiti artist based in Lisbon

Where are you based?
Lisbon, Portugal

What’s your name?
I write CHURE.

What’s the name you always wanted to have?
Actually, I never thought of it that way… Chure. It’s just a letters combination, and something unusual, that I found interesting 17 years ago. So, I just kept it for me.

What should we know about your art?
After reading and studying a lot of graffiti magazines, I fell in love with letterings and quickly understood that I needed to develop a style. Since then, the wild and sharp massive letters are my main focus and I am constantly seeking for the perfect combination of different spray can brands and caps, in order to have perfect fades and clean outlines.

Chure Lisbon graffiti artist mural
Chure combines lettering with illustration elements

What does freedom mean to you?
It means no frontiers for your art. Thematically, technically… Doing whatever I want and like.

Which language would you like to be able to speak?
Maybe just a perfect fluent English would be fine.

What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
Besides my graffiti activity, I also work as a Designer. But since I was a young student, I’ve always developed artist commissioned works for some brands and personal requests.

When was the last time you tried something new and what was it?
Recently, I did a few realistic paintings that were quite challenging for me.

What characteristic do you appreciate in a fellow human being?

A lot of artists exercise weird habits to find inspiration: what do you do to get into good flow?
I like to go deep on the Internet, searching for Artists on social media and random websites. Also, I find sports activities healthy for a good brain function.

Could you tell us something about the time you realised you want to be an artist?
I’m not gonna lie. I started graffiti just for fame and to be noticed. Nowadays, I do it for my own pleasure and satisfaction. I like doing it, no matter whether people call it art or not.

Any last words for our readers?
Never stop following your dreams and get the best you can from life.

Interview conducted by Elmeri Ström.