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From an early age, Mario Parizek always knew he wanted to become a musician. Ever since, he has been feeling really happy about managing to achieve his goal. When he’s not practicing his unique playing techniques on the guitar he enjoys a day in the nature and a breakfast in the sun on a Sunday. Find out more about what motivates him, his best stage experience and his life of constantly exploring his art. Please meet Mario Parizek!


What’s your name?
Mario Parizek.


What’s the name you always wanted to have? 
 I always wanted to be named Peter Pan!


Where are you based? 
Vienna, Austria.


What does freedom mean to you?
Drinking when thirsty, eating when hungry, sleeping when tired and moving free at any time.


Which language would you like to be able to speak?
Spanish, because I like the open mentality of the spanish speaking people I met.


What was the last thing you ate?
Fried polenta with vegetable yoghurt and salad.


Mario Parizek playing on stage
Mario Parizek playing on stage


What should no one ever know about you?
That I took part in a playback show for a 70th birthday party as a guitarist, many years ago. Nobody told me that I would be playing playback. In that small location this became soon obvious to the entire audience, they understood that this was not a live performance. I had to stand the stares and gestures of the audience for 3 hours. After some time I turned on the guitar and improvised. Surprisingly, I was able to impress the audience for 15 minutes with my “FunkRock meets Jürgen Drevs” style. But nobody can know this!
Who do you call most often?
My friends. Sorry mum!


Which super powers would you like to have?
Perfect pitch and acoustic levitation.


What is the best stage experience you had?
Performing in front of a 200 people audience at a open mic. I played one instrumental guitar song and could feel a strong connection from the very first note. During the finale of the song, people started clapping and where really amazed when I finished. No one, including myself, did expect that to happen.


How did you notice you have grown up?
When I had to pay taxes for the first time.


What natural talent would you like to have, which you don’t?


What do you defend?
My practicing time.

A perfect Sunday?
Waking up in a good mood, with good weather, taking time for coffee and breakfast. Listening to music and spending time in the nature.


What would you like to be better at?


What gets you up in the morning?
The same thing that keeps me alive. Coffee.


What are you proud of?
I try not to be proud but happy when things work out. I am happy about traveling Europe while working as a musician.


What is your next travel destination and why?
I guess India is my next bigger goal. It sounds like a nice adventure for me.


What is the first song you ever learned to play? 
The first song i learned: Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana


How do you handle mistakes during a performance?
If it is a big obvious mistake then I try to get out of the situation by making fun of it. As a solo performer I have more flexibility than in a band. It’s easier to change a song concept on the fly.


Can you tell us something about the moment when you realized you wanted to be a musician? 
I remember that day pretty well. I was around 11 years old when I was sitting at the playground with some friends. We started to talk about what we want to become one day. Everybody said jobs like doctor, teacher or building worker and the whole group was listening to the job ideas pretty respectfully. When it was my turn, I said I want to become a musician and everybody started to laugh – I did not expect or understand that at all… On that day, the laughs made me somehow more motivated to become a musician. If someone can’t clearly imagine or visualize an idea – they probably won’t get to the point they want to be.


portrait mario parizek
A portrait of Mario Parizek