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Nuno is a jazz guitar player from Portugal and particularly passionate about Gypsy jazz and Bossa Nova music. Besides being a musician, he’s also a composer, promotor of musical projects and a real positive thinker fond of meditation! We love the warm and positive vibes of Nuno’s music. Sit back, relax and meet Nuno Marinho!

Nuno Marinho
Nuno Marinho

What is your name?
Nuno Marinho.

Cognomen/Epithet you always wanted to have? 
Peaceful Warrior.

Where are you based?
Lisbon, Portugal.

What we should know about your art:
I’m a musician focused mainly over Jazz Guitar (contemporary and standard). One of my greatest passions is Manouche, a.k.a. Gypsy Jazz, the European and Parisien music from the 30’s. I’m also fond of Bossa Nova (Brazilian music), instrumental music and Pop Rock and Funk. I’ve been studying the Masters like Pat Metheny, Django Reinhardt and Tom Jobim. I’m the promotor and band leader of musical projects who pay homage to these artists. I’m also a composer. I’ve been writing my own songs and released 2 albums of my own.

What is beauty for you? 
The unexpected, the novelty, the sense of discovering, empathy, manners, peacefulness, nature, the Cosmos, art, street art, music, guitars, and everything beyond all that.

What should no one ever know about you?
No one should ever know how much work one has done before achieving world-class. In Michelangelo’s words: “If you knew how much work went into it, you wouldn’t call it genius”.

If we’d come over for dinner, what would you cook?
Definitely mushroom risotto. It’s a great dish, suitable for every ages (vegetarians included 😉 ) and one I’m particularly good at preparing! And a glass of green wine to go along.

Which super powers would you like to have?
Zen like peace of mind, masterful control over thoughts, an olympic champion’s shape and a Midas touch for all the musical instruments.

What’s the background image on your phone? 
My girlfriend and I 😉

Describe yourself in three words.
Inspired, Motivating and Persistent.

What would you like to be better at? 
I’m constantly improving. Beyond practicing my instrument I like to practice everything. So, I bond to continuously be better at life!

What is your next travel destination and why?
Samois, in the suburbs of Paris is where Django Reinhardt’s major Festival is based. It’s just something every Manouche aficionado should do because there’s a lot of friendly playing going around. Imagine a place where literally everybody plays an instrument and all want to hook up with some friends to play music, from dawn to dusk. That’s Samois Sur Seine.

Humanity’s worst invention?

Which question should we have asked you?
You should have asked me for dinner, for us to get to know each other and share our views and perspectives of such great art and artists around the world. That would be inspiring, interesting and fun. What do you think? BASA International annual meeting 🙂