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Pursuing his dream of painting in every country of the world, Daniel Branco a.k.a. Olhobranco paints on walls and objects, draws and operates as a filmmaker. We love his multimedia approach, his work full of mysterious symbols and the mix of techniques he uses to get his message across. Meet Olhobranco!


What is your name?
Daniel Branco.


What is the name you always wanted to have? 


Where are you based? 
In São Paulo, Brazil.


What should we know about your art?
I like to hide personal symbols of my personal universe inside.


Who is your hero? 
Carl Sagan.


What is it that you cannot get enough of?
My daughter.


What is on top of your bucket list?
Paint some pieces in every country of the world.


What is beauty for you? 
Beauty is admiring the universe and understanding that we are actually part of the infinite.


When was the last time you tried something new, and what was it? 
Two days ago when I painted some murals in Lisbon.


Who is your favorite person in your life? 
Again, my daughter.


Describe yourself in three words. 
Universal, persistent and dreamer.


What do you defend?
That the most important thing is the universe and not the individualism of the landmass.


What is your favorite swear word? 


What jobs have you done besides being an artist?
I’m the creative director of many campaigns and successful advertisements. I also directed a music video from the group Tripkillaz (Make the crowd – NFS) and was also in the shortlist of Cannes 2016 with a campaign for Fischer Price.


What is the best advice you were ever given? 
Be in peace!


Olhobranco drawing wolf canis majoris
Olhobranco’s drawing for his project “Canis Majoris”