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Quideia aren’t just a duo, they are a pair of multitalented artists. Together, they can be anything from a “chocolate couple” (yes, a chocolate couple) to fire artists, hilarious entertainers or even mysterious fakirs. Their friendliness and positivity makes them some of the most easy-going and exciting artists we’ve ever worked with. Meet Quideia!

Kat and Luigi performing together

What is your artistic name?
Quideia – Katarina Ferreira aka Kat and Luís Fonseca aka Luigi.

What is the name you always wanted to have?
Katarina: Kat.
Luís: Luigi.

Where are you based?
Alpiarça – Santarém is where we live and work on our projects for 8 years now.

What we should know about your art?
It´s what we do everyday of our life , on or off stage.

Sweet or sour?
Kat: Sweet and sour…of course.
Luigi: No doubt SWEET.

What natural talent would you like to have, which you don’t?
Kat: Mind control.
Luigi: Knowing how to play every instrument in the world.

What is on top of your bucket list?
Kat: Travel the world.
Luigi: Be happy.

What would be a perfect death?
Kat: Dying on the happiest day of my life…..dying happy.
Luigi: Dying whilst saving at least 1000 people.

How many hours of sleep do you need?
Kat: 7-8.
Luis: 10-12.

What’s the background image on your phone?
Kat: A picture of myself with a comic book question bubble above my head.
Luís: A picture of kat´s eye.

Who is your hero?
Kat: Kacy Catanzaro hehehe… I don´t know… Pocahontas… Rick Grimes… Ronda Rousy…
Luís: Himan.

Who is your favorite person in your life?
Kat: Luigi.
Luís: Kat.
* auuuuuuuuurg disguuuuuuusting :p

Which super powers do you have?
Kat: positivity.
Luigi: invisibility?!

What is your favorite swear word?
Kat: Fonixxxxx.
Luígi: Caráiiii.

What are you scared of?
Kat: Ghosts, big aggressive Dogs, being afraid.
Luigi: Tsunamis,  earthquakes, thunders, hurricanes, Vulcanos, giant icebergs, etc etc etc.

Tell us about a magical place anywhere in the world.
Kat and Luigi: Secret beach on Koh Phangan island in Thailand,- It took us a whilst to find it but was well worth the effort, because by the time we found it the water was just right as the sun was going down…