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Thomas and Tomislav are our two most favourite Toms. Together they are Quintessenz, and after reading this interview you will not get the image out of your head of two crazy professors using their fifth essence to travel in time. It seems as if they bring back the best from their trips to create captivating art work which leaves you with a feeling of completeness and vivacity. Please meet Quintessenz!

quintessenz team

What is you name?
Quintessenz (Thomas Granseuer & Tomislav Topic).

What name you have always wanted to have?

Where are you based?
Hannover / Berlin.

What we should know about your art?
Quintessenz: I think therefore I am – I make therefore I create. If everything is but a projection of our self, then everything may be rethought and reconfigured.

What is beauty for you?
Thomas: All the different places that grasp my attention for a second. Whether they’re dark and gloomy or bright and colorful – it doesn’t matter. Both have something special, both can be beautiful or ugly in their own way.
Tomislav: Honest and positive human beings.

What should no one ever know about you?
Thomas: I’m the crazy professor from “Back To The Future” – to make things more complicated Tomislav is also the crazy professor from “Back To The Future”, just from a different time. Being artist is just a cover up until we unravel the very fabric of the space-time-continuum and destroy the entire universe.
Tomislav: Did you ever get an answer to this question? 😉

quintessenz installation

If we’d come over for dinner, what would you cook?
Thomas: Spaghetti ice cream with gravy instead strawberry sauce.
Tomislav: I would make a Croatian potato vegetable dish. It sounds quite boring but its super super delicious. It takes 1,5 hours in the oven. Ask my friends, no one complained about this meal so far. Keep it simple!

When was the last time you tried something new, and what was it?
Thomas: Yesterday and tomorrow and the day before… I think it had something to do with colors…
Tomislav: Quintessenz is my life. Almost every day we try to explore something new. Something that satisfies our hunger. And another new thing is that I bought myself a new mattress. I slept 3 years on a really thin and crappy one and wondered why my back hurts every morning, I thought it’s normal at my age. Well, since I bought that freaking expensive gel mattress I sleep like a baby and spend almost every minute at home on this awesome mattress. The first nights I woke up after three hours in the middle of the night and felt super sharp and fit. I couldn’t handle that.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Thomas: Human, Art, Hybrid (Humarthybrid).
Tomislav: Happy, naive and hungry.

Who do you call most often?
Thomas: My Mum.
Tomislav: My better half Thomas, but he always struggles with his cell phones and picks up quite rarely. So I call him even more often in my thoughts.

What is your next travel destination and why?
Thomas: June 11th 1985, but I can’t tell you why…
Tomislav: Its gonna be a road trip to Elche/Valencia. A good friend of ours is going to get married there. I want to drive with our Quintessenz transporter down there. With lots of colors in the trunk, of course.

How did you notice you have grown up?
Thomas: Grown what?
Tomislav: Actually, I haven’t noticed it so far. Honestly, I don’t feel very grown up. Place a hidden camera somewhere while Thomas and I are working and you will be convinced.

Sweet or sour? Why?
Sweet and sour – I love contrasts!
Tomislav: Salty and spicy. Sugar makes me feel weird. And sour… well whiskey sour is awesome 😉

What do you suck at?
Singing karaoke to Helene Fischer’s song „Atemlos!… I do it anyway on occasion.
Tomislav: Getting daily shit done that effects my life. For example: for 3 month I was riding a bike where the chain flips off at least 2 times each ride. It would take me 5 minutes to fix that but I don’t do it. Well, maybe tomorrow.

What are you proud about?
Working together with my friend & crew member to create colorful worlds:
One Love – Tomislav Topic.
Tomislav: Honestly: living the life that I always wanted and sharing this feeling with my friend and better half, Thomas. Being my own boss, being creative, traveling and meeting new people that are sharing quite the same dreams as me. This makes me happy and proud.

Who is your hero?
My Daughter – The little NinjaNikita.
Tomislav: My Dad. He came to Germany when he was 17 years old with 50 bucks in his pockets. He didn’t know one German word and just started from zero. That was in the late sixties, in a time where it wasn’t as multicultural as today – especially not in a small village like where he landed. Well, he met my mom, founded a family and built a house with his own hands when he was in my age (30). He must have had a lot of energy and a strong mind to get all that done, for this reason he is my hero.